Yang Qian Little Yellow Duck, Yang Chaoyue Hairband, "Sto" Hot Hairpin

How did the frequently searched "hot money" come about?

  On July 27th, the "little yellow duck hairpin" worn by Chinese shooter and post-00 Olympic champion Yang Qian when receiving the award quickly became a hot search item and became a popular item on Taobao.

At the same time, in Yiwu, the shopkeepers of the e-commerce platform are quickly re-editing the link of this old little yellow duck hairpin in the shop as a key recommendation, and at the same time mobilizing the cooperative factory to reserve the supply.

100,000 pieces must be produced within 24 hours. When the supply is insufficient, temporary workers need to be hired to assemble and produce while shipping.

  In the field of Yiwu jewelry industry, such an explosion story of "grabbing sales with time" has become the norm.

Within one hour of the hot event, the quantity of the same item was cleared and put on the shelves quickly, seizing the first wave of attention. Within 24 hours, the reproduction of the hot-selling jewelry was completed, and online and offline wholesale and retail were promoted simultaneously with the momentum of hot-selling.

Yang Qian's issuance of the same card is sold out

  How hot is the little yellow duck hairpin?

Data show that from July 24 to 30, the search volume of Taobao platform "Yang Qian with the same paragraph" and the little yellow duck hairpin in a single day soared by 4237.37%, and the search volume of carrot hair rope increased by 2115.67%.

At the same time, many shops also specially set up the "Yang Qian same style" little yellow duck hair clip and carrot hair rope combination package, and the cumulative sales have exceeded 10,000 pieces.

  The shipping places of these hair clips all point to the same place, Yiwu.

"When Yang Qian won the championship and received the award, we noticed this card. The first impression was that it would definitely sell out." Xiang Shuai, the head of the flagship store of Oh Goose, said that the yellow duck hair card is a style produced in 2018. In the past, an average of 30 to 40 pieces were sold every day, but now a store can sell two to three thousand pieces, and sales have soared by 5000%.

  "From the previous monthly sales of 800 pieces, it skyrocketed to 70,000 pieces sold in three days. The total number of shop views reached 1.96 million, an increase of 62.68% compared to last week." zozo quality hair accessory Chen Gengping said that on the day of the awards, he quickly Reduce this product in the store to 3.8 yuan before giving the buyer free shipping.

In this way, this cute little yellow duck hairpin has become Chen Gengping's "lucky money" this summer.

From the background data of the store, we can see that there are a lot of retailers from all over the country. Some people bought 350 pieces directly for wholesale.

  Sales are increasing sharply, and factories are moving fast.

As of the morning of July 29, the market still had sufficient supply. In the afternoon, news came that Yiwu Jewelry Wholesale Market was out of stock, and the accumulated inventory had been sold out.

Many manufacturers still have a lot of spare parts in stock, and the factory personnel have not had time to form the finished product, so the shopkeeper takes people to assemble the product together, and ship the product while assembling.

"This kind of small accessories is fairly simple, our staff can also operate it, and the accumulated orders can be shipped within 24 hours." said Yu Wenyong, the head of the Oh Goose flagship store.

Taobao Explosive Models Become a Weathervane of Yiwu Jewelry

  For the Yiwu Jewelry Industry Belt, this "little yellow duck speed" has become the norm.

After Yang Chaoyue’s variety shows with the same headband, Yang Zibaofu’s earrings, and the “Sito” Republican style style became popular, the short-term sharp increase in orders brought about by "Hot Search" has given Yiwu factories with quick response capabilities. We have achieved rapid growth over the same period.

  At the beginning of the year, a large intestine hair circle was brought into fire by the beauty photos of internet celebrities on social platforms. After that, internet celebrities began to take pictures and pictures with the hair circle, and related keyword searches began to appear in the backstage of Taobao.

Chen Gengping said that the style is very ordinary, but the girls have a special taste when taking pictures. They started to promote this hair tie, the price is not high, there are many styles to choose from, and more than 100,000 pieces were sold throughout February.

  "In fact, the requirements for merchants are very high. It is necessary to know how to predict the hot search potential, but also to realize the rapid response of the factory in time. If the hot search appears, but the same item on Taobao has not yet been released, you will basically miss a sale. Wind mouth." Yu Wenyong said that many Taobao merchants have a strong "Internet sense". He and his colleagues often use background data analysis and combine current hot search keywords to judge market trends.

"External heat will soon be transmitted in. When everyone is discussing Yang Qian, the merchants also pondered the promotion of the little yellow duck issuing card in time."

  This wave of hot-searched "shop owners" has also become a fashion vane in the Yiwu jewelry industry belt.

  After the explosion of the product, Taobao merchants will quickly find the original source of the factory to achieve reprocessing.

If there are no ready-made goods, you can quickly find the accessories and process them on your own to cope with the influx of orders online.

  Yiwu is the world's largest distribution center for small commodities.

Before 2015, over 90% of orders from Yiwu merchants were foreign trade orders.

In the past, the production organization of foreign trade orders was usually that customers place orders one to six months in advance, and the factory formulates production plans in an orderly manner and delivers them on time.

Orders need to be scaled up, and the lead time is long, so the factory has ample time to prepare for production.

Many factories will not accept orders for some small temporary orders.

  Behind the Taobaoization of Yiwu Jewelry Industry Belt is the transformation of the entire industry belt.

"The orders have changed a lot. Many of them are small-scale orders given by merchants to go to the market to ask for directions. There are also some explosive orders that suddenly broke out. Orders are fragmented and orders are very volatile." A factory According to the person in charge, the factory has also begun to make corresponding adjustments. It must have a more flexible production organization, which must be able to accept small orders as well as urgent orders.

"Explosion speed" changes the original trade model

  Zhou Jun, the owner of Lacelips, the owner of Lacelips, has been doing Taobao stylized jewelry since 2012. What impressed Zhou Jun the most was that in 2015, the entire Yiwu small jewelry industry was in a downturn. After the business, every day a cart full of goods left the market, which made many stalls envious, and soon began to follow suit.

  Yiwu Small Jewelry has started a stable Internet supply model, and the manufacturers have a more open mind. "As long as you come to get the goods, you can provide them." Zhou Jun said: "We are also very grateful to the proprietress who gave us the opportunity back then. Now we We still maintain a very good cooperative relationship. Many of the new designs we design are produced by their factories, and their factories can also use these designs for market wholesale. The boss said that many styles are also very good in the offline market. Now many factories have Willing to take the initiative to take their orders."

  Huang Rihan, executive director of the digital economy think tank, believes that Yiwu's "explosive speed" is a manufacturing miracle in China, and an important breakthrough in the integration of digital economy and manufacturing ecology with Chinese characteristics.

Merchants in Yiwu can combine the latest popular elements with the latest hotspots, and then sell their products to all parts of the country or even the world through the e-commerce platform. This is a new era of consumption concept, but also a new era of marketing. idea.

This has also changed the original production relations and trade mode of the jewelry industry, and found a new digital growth path for the traditional industry, which is reproducible.

  Text/Reporter Chen Si