Chinanews client, Beijing, August 4th (Reporter Wu Tao) Some companies wanted to come out of the circle, but they even thought of asking Kris Wu for their endorsement.

Such an unthinkable "brain circuit" happened in the Nezha car.

Nezha Auto Group exposed on the Internet.

  Recently, some netizens said that Nezha Motors wanted to ask Kris Wu to endorse, and then went out of the circle all at once.

Screenshots circulated on the Internet show that its internal working group is discussing asking Kris Wu to endorse. Some people said, "Is it necessary to give Kris Wu a chance and the official announces him to become a spokesperson, telling everyone that we still have to give him a chance."

  "This matter is out of the circle in five minutes, you can try it, big deal, come back and apologize and expel the relevant personnel." "The Nezha spirit is to give everyone a chance to be a new person." An employee in his work group named "Peng Gang" said.

  Someone in his work group said, "After learning, we must continue to create hot spots. If we make a mistake, it can become a hot spot. An apology is still a hot spot."

  Once the incident was exposed, some netizens said that it was indeed out of the circle, but no one bought the car.

Some netizens also said, "Strictly follow the script, and this wave of execution is still possible." "Nezha cars are smart."

Some netizens commented.

Weibo screenshot

  Some netizens imitated the tone of the owner of Nezha Automobile and said, "Just do what Peng Gang said, first expel him, and then quickly apologize." "The real prey often appears as a hunter."

Nezha Automobile issued a statement apologizing.


  On the evening of the 3rd, Nezha Automobile responded to this. According to the investigation, on the evening of August 3, when discussing content in the brand work group, the relevant remarks of individual Nezha Automobile personnel seriously challenged social values, brought extremely bad influences, and violated the company’s principles and Purpose, it is now decided to expel Peng Gang, the person in charge of the market immediately, and all personnel in the group who have made inappropriate remarks are expelled at the same time.

  As an investor of Nezha Auto, 360 also issued a statement stating: resolutely oppose this malicious hype, which seriously violates the values ​​that 360 insists on, and also seriously damages Nezha’s brand reputation. For this, we resolutely request the expulsion of the marketing team and The person in charge, to ensure that Nezha Automobile adheres to the mainstream values.

Nezha Automobile Investor 360 requested the dismissal of the entire marketing team of Nezha Automobile.

Weibo screenshot

China-Singapore Microcomment:

Give Wu Yifan a chance, Nezha car's chance is gone

  In order to get out of the circle, Nezha Automobile wanted to invite Wu Yifan’s contemporary speakers to "give Wu Yifan a chance." Values.

  The new trend of the Internet has been established, and the eyes of netizens are discerning, and they will not be led by the "script" set by the company. Corporate advertising is not a "script-killing", and challenging the legal red line will inevitably be "cool and cool." The best publicity is to make products with your heart and be recognized by consumers. (Finish)