At 22:00 on the evening of July 30th, the first episode of the fifth season of Hunan Satellite TV's "Chinese Restaurant" officially aired.

This season, Huang Xiaoming, Tranquility, Gong Jun, Zhou Ye, Ding Zhenzhu, and Yao Anna will serve as resident guests.

A few days ago, Shuanghui and Hunan Satellite TV "Chinese Restaurant" strategic cooperation conference and "Chinese Restaurant" delicious recommendation officer launch ceremony was held in Changsha, the city of gourmet food.

  Faced with the new market, Shuanghui has given full play to its industrial advantages since its establishment of a new catering track, and launched a series of convenient, fast, healthy and delicious food and beverage products to solve the consumption pain point of "2 hours of cooking and 10 minutes of eating". , To meet the needs of contemporary young people to eat delicious and nutritious, but also healthy and safe, and at the same time, they must also take into account convenient and fast new consumption demands, liberate them from the kitchen, make cooking easier, and give more time to accompany.

The linkage between Shuanghui and Hunan Satellite TV's top variety show IP is a joint creation of industry and culture. The top-notch cooperation in the two fields will also further promote the Chinese catering culture and promote the development of higher quality in the Chinese catering industry.

  "Chinese Restaurant" entered the market as a "slow variety show" and stood out in the era of fast-paced entertainment, breaking the audience's solid perception of slow variety show boring and boring.

Gathering popularity through the innovative concept of celebrities operating gourmet restaurants, creating a life-like gourmet atmosphere, attracting many young people's yearning for high-quality gourmet life.

Shuanghui’s cross-border variety IP "Chinese Restaurant" has launched pre-made cutting, pickling and conditioning, Chinese dishes, hot pot ingredients, sauced cooked food, convenient self-heating and other catering products. Strengthen communication and exchanges with young people who are looking for convenience and deliciousness, and deepen the brand concept of Shuanghui's warm companionship to the young circle.

  In the first and fourth seasons of "Chinese Restaurant", the resident guest "Shi Shang Star Chef", well-known model Zhang Liang, and the third and fourth season resident guest state banquet chef Lin Shuwei as a special guest of Shuanghui as the "Delicious Star Promoter" and " "Delicious Creation Officer" attended the press conference.

After experiencing and tasting Shuanghui's new products, the two guests also showed off their cooking skills on the spot. Using Shuanghui's pre-made ingredients, they carefully crafted the garlic-flavored pork ribs in the shelter of Shuanghui's golden and jade hall, the meatball soup which symbolized the Chinese reunion, and the local specialties. Many delicacies such as Braised Pork in soy sauce made the audience feast and experienced the infinite charm of the "Chinese Restaurant" cuisine.

During the event, Shuanghui signed a strategic contract with Hunan Satellite TV, and the "Chinese Restaurant" delicious recommendation officer event was officially launched.

  It is reported that, centering on the strategic positioning of the integrated service provider of Chinese meat and catering materials, Shuanghui has established a catering business department, reached a strategic cooperation with CRE China Food Expo, and simultaneously opened a large-scale investment in the catering industry across the country. This strategic cooperation with "Chinese Restaurant" further highlights Shuanghui's determination to deploy a large-scale restaurant development strategy. As a national meat brand in China, Shuanghui is constantly accelerating the pace of corporate transformation and upgrading through continuous product innovation, technological innovation, channel innovation, and marketing innovation, changing consumers’ labeling perceptions of Shuanghui’s ace products, and is committed to solving the problem. The pain point of meat delicacy consumption, more high-quality products with "easier cooking and delicious meals" will be sent to thousands of households.