Alibaba expects European customers to buy less from its online store AliExpress due to new tax rules.

Since 1 July, the EU has levied VAT on parcels from outside the EU that cost less than 22 euros.

That will probably deter some of the customers, the company reported on Tuesday when it presented its quarterly figures.

The new VAT rules will make many products from AliExpress, among others, 21 percent more expensive.

A lower VAT rate of 9 percent applies to various articles, including books.

In the Netherlands, PostNL also charges additional costs for charging VAT, if this has not yet been settled in the webshop.

These vary from 4 euros to 7 euros per package.

In the past quarter, the web store and the parent company were not hindered by the VAT rules.

The company saw its profits rise and was also able to write black figures again, after it had to take a loss in the first quarter of this year.

This was when Alibaba received a mega fine of 18 billion yuan (2.34 billion euros) from the Chinese authorities for monopoly practices.

Alibaba's turnover in the second quarter amounted to 26.8 billion euros.

A net profit of 5.9 billion euros remained below the line.

Last quarter there was therefore still a loss of 705 million euros.

The Chinese government has been taking stricter measures against the large technology groups in the country, which have a lot of power and until recently were only bound by few rules.

Beijing also has Alibaba in its sights.

The fact that CEO Jack Ma was critical of the policy of the political rulers in the past probably plays a role.

For example, an IPO of Ant Group, which also belongs to the Alibaba group, was unexpectedly stopped last November.

Ma has hardly appeared in public since then.

The Chinese billionaire is not mentioned in the figures update from Alibaba.