Chinanews client, Beijing, August 2 (Reporter Wu Tao) On July 31, Wu Yifan was criminally detained by the police on suspicion of rape.

Netizens on some platforms made extreme remarks such as "robbing jail for idols", and even fan organizations "rescue groups" and "visiting teams".

Screenshot of Weibo.

  Subsequently, major Internet platforms have issued announcements to rectify chaos in the rice circle, focusing on cracking down on behaviors such as inducing minors to chase stars without a bottom line and extreme remarks.

  Currently, QQ Music, NetEase Cloud Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and other music platforms have all removed Wu Yifan’s singer information and music works.

Wu Yifan and his studio Weibo, Douyin and other social media accounts have been banned.

  On the evening of August 1, Tencent issued a special announcement on the implementation of the "Qinglang•Ranquan chaos rectification": Recently, through user reports and security inspections, it was discovered that there was a part of the Internet in the case of Wu Yifan being detained in accordance with the law on suspicion of rape. The navy conducts rumors and attacks on the platform, induces fund-raising, creates topics and other harmful behaviors.

In this regard, the platform has taken serious measures against accounts that publish and disseminate related unhealthy information.

  In addition, the "Kaishou Blackboard News" public account stated on July 31 that in order to implement the special action requirements of "Clearness•'Rice Circles' Chaotic Rectification", Kuaishou will carry out special rectification and comprehensive cleanup of the chaos of the Rice Circles from June 15th. Harmful information and content, resist the bad atmosphere in the fan circle, focus on rectifying the behavior of "inducing minors to chase stars without a bottom line", and earnestly create a clean cyberspace. A total of 290 illegal videos and 110 illegal accounts have been dealt with.

  Weibo also announced on the evening of August 1st that since Wu Yifan’s information about the case was notified, it has attracted great attention from the whole network. Weibo immediately checked and rectified related information, closed 108 misdirected supercalls, disbanded 789 violating groups, and resolutely contained them. Irrational behaviors, resolutely deal with extreme speech; take the opportunity to create troubles, attack government agencies, malicious marketing, hot spots, malicious scrubbing and other illegal accounts are severely dealt with.

A total of 990 accounts have been banned and permanently closed.

  Douyin also stated that since June 2021, Douyin has reviewed and cleared 7864 illegal videos in response to fans’ mutual verbal abuse and underage cheating on the rankings. In the comment scene, Douyin has cleaned up each other’s verbal abuse, instigated confrontation, and scolded each other. There were 2.419 million comments related to quantity control and evaluation, of which 805,000 were processed to induce rankings, 572,000 were verbally abused, and 555,000 were reviews.

  "During the special rectification period, Douyin continued to strengthen its control and crack down on illegal behaviors such as the'Navy' brushing the rankings in accounts, rankings, short videos, comments, etc., focusing on clearing up and inducing minors to hit the rankings and support; clearing up verbal abuse, mutual tearing, Promote opposition, scrutinize the volume control rating and other bad behaviors and phenomena; strengthen the rectification of black powder zombie accounts, malicious marketing accounts." Douyin said. (Finish)