Recently, my country’s first TV series with the theme of aviation industry, "Chasing the Blue Sky" is being broadcast on CCTV-1 prime time.

Based on the four aviation families of Qin Tian, ​​Zhao Deliang, Zhang Changjiang, and Zheng Youfu, and three generations of aviation heroes as the main line, the play has fully and realistically shaped the typical characters of various aspects of the aviation industry such as research and development, manufacturing, and test flight, and vividly and vividly demonstrated China's aviation industry. From scratch, to the arduous struggle of being able to compete on the same stage with the world's advanced countries.

  Restore historical facts and gather passionate power from the "true" history

  In the episodes that have been broadcast, Qin Tian was injured and unable to fly again. Under the guidance of Deputy Commander Yan Zhendeaf, Qin Tian cheered up and said, "If you can't fly an airplane, just make an airplane" and guard the flight in different ways. Blue sky dream.

After the "transition", Qin Tian and Zhao Deliang moved forward side by side, overcoming difficulties, learned the advanced aircraft manufacturing technology from the Soviet Union at that time, and returned to the 417 factory.

  In the first week, "Dream to the Blue Sky", which received a good reputation in the first week, will usher in a more energetic plot development in the second week: China's aviation industry has entered the exploration stage of struggling and independent development in the peaceful era.

Since the Soviet government stopped all aid to China, China's aviation industry has also fallen into a dilemma that no one can rely on.

Despite all the difficulties, the 417 factory decided to throw away the crutches and cross the river and explore a road of self-development.

For this reason, Qin Tian and Xu Buzhou rushed thousands of miles to find a qualified calf leather for the development of engines; Zhao Deliang and Du Zhiqiu worked together to calculate and refine alloy materials, trying to save a large budget for the country; Zhang Changjiang contacted various forestry bureaus to find qualified Redwoods...Every aviation hero in each position is doing his best to use his own life to complete the mission given by the profession. The audience will also see that under such difficult conditions, we are about to build a "bombing type B plane." Love story.

  See the big from the small, and arouse empathy among the audience with the story of the "aviation man"

  "Dream Blue Sky" tells the story of four aviation families, Qin Tian, ​​Zhao Deliang, Zhang Changjiang, and Zheng Youfu, and three generations of aviation heroes, but it does not only focus on individuals.

The program takes the individual stories of these aviation heroes as the context, observes the vicissitudes of the national aviation industry in the past 70 years from a personal perspective, and witnesses the changes of the times from the stories of three generations of aviation heroes.

  "Dream Blue Sky" focuses on the perspective of aviation people, not only showing their spirit of serving the country in the professional field, but also vividly depicting their rich emotional world as ordinary people.

The new character Xu Buzhou gracefully joins the main force of R&D at the 417 factory.

As a designer of "returnees", he and Qin Tian and Zhao Deliang have many differences in design concepts and lifestyles.

On the emotional line, Yan Qing chose to break up with Qin Tian due to physical reasons, and Qin Tian admired his Soviet girl Liu Wa when he was studying in the Soviet Union, who came to China. Can the two continue their relationship?

Zhang Changjiang's care for Yan Qing is silent, can Yan Qing feel his kindness?

Zhao Deliang and Du Zhiqiu became more and more concerned about each other during their inadvertent encounters. Can these Huanxi friends get married?

  Currently, "Dream Blue Sky" is being broadcast on CCTV's first set of prime time, and it is simultaneously broadcast on iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku.

The play was produced by the China Aviation Industry Corporation, the Industrial Culture Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Propaganda and Cultural Center of the Air Force Political Work Department. CCTV, Shaanxi Cultural Industry Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shangshi Film Co., Ltd. Produced jointly by the company, Anhui Five Star Oriental Film and Television Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Broadcasting Film and Television Group, China International Television Corporation, People's Audiovisual Technology Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Xingguang Book and Film Culture Media Co., Ltd. Zhang Qiang and A Ying are the chief screenwriters, and Li Yunliang directed, Zhang Bo, Li Naiwen, Huang Man, Xu Xiaosa starring, Wang Ziquan, Niu Zifan, Wang Jiayu, Zhu Yan, Niu Piao, Li Haozhen, Feng Bai, Yang Tingdong, Chen Xinxuan, Wang Lu, Wang Chun, Zong Xinyun, Chen Yiheng, Qi Huan, Ren Donglin, Wu Juejin and Zhao Yi starred in friendship.