How do you dispose of food that is a day or two past the expiration date in the refrigerator?

From 2023, we have decided to use the 'use by date' that can be eaten instead of the 'expiry date' that can be sold.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon pointed out the expected effects and supplementary measures.


Recently, a convenience store joined hands with a second-hand trading platform to offer a closing discount service.

This is to sell so-called 'dang-treated' products with an imminent expiration date at a discount of up to 60%.

The shelf life is usually 60~70% of the expiration date, but consumers often perceive the expiration date as a point of disposal that should not be eaten.

[Consumer: I buy it and throw it away after the expiration date. (Why are you throwing it away?) It must have been bad. I don't drink it because it's disgusting.] If the

'edible' consumption period is introduced from 2023, it is expected that the annual food waste disposal cost will be reduced by 16.5 billion won and the food waste cost 890 billion won will be saved. no see.

However, in the case of perishable products such as milk, we have decided to extend the grace period for an additional 8 years.

The sale period is longer, but the food industry isn't all that welcoming.

This is because product circulation is slowing down and hygiene disputes can increase.

[Refrigerated food company official: (Consumers) There are concerns about any deterioration or damage that may be in storage, and there are some such parts. There is also the view that consumption may slow down a bit.]

There are also concerns about food safety due to the large difference in the distribution environment depending on the store.

[Lee Eun-hee / Professor, Department of Consumer Affairs, Inha University: In the case of small businesses, there are many cases where refrigeration is not well managed. There is a high possibility of spoilage if left to sell until the expiration date.] As it

is safe to eat as soon as possible without observing the expiration date, there is an opinion that the expiration date and expiration date should be marked together.

(Video editing: Ha Seong-won, VJ: Park Hyun-woo)