"China's high-quality development brings new opportunities to the world"

  Accelerating the construction of a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles mutually promoting each other is a major strategic task related to China's overall development proposed in the "Proposals" of the "14th Five-Year Plan".

At present, China is based on a new stage of development, fully, accurately and comprehensively implementing the new development concept, constructing a new development pattern, and promoting high-quality development.

In the first half of this year, China's GDP grew by 12.7% year-on-year, the economic structure was adjusted and optimized, the momentum for innovation continued to increase, the overall quality and efficiency were improved, and the people's livelihood security continued to improve.

The international community generally believes that China's high-quality development has injected a steady stream of impetus into the sustained recovery of the world economy.

"Create a stable supply chain and domestic consumer market"

  Relying on new formats such as e-commerce live broadcasts to tap the potential of the domestic demand market and forcing the reengineering of industrial processes, Humen Town, Guangdong has accelerated the transformation of the traditional clothing industry and deeply cultivated the domestic market. During the epidemic prevention and control period, sales did not fall but increased; Ningxia dairy farms and dairy companies The workshop has improved the technological content, the machine automatically dispenses feed, and the unmanned production line completes the processing of dairy products, which enhances the competitiveness of the entire industry chain of the dairy industry; Chongqing is accelerating its entry into the new market for the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry, making efforts in the entire industry chain, and successively introducing hydrogen fuel For battery vehicles, we will focus on constructing hydrogen refueling stations and deploying hydrogen energy power testing institutions...

  In the first half of this year, the contribution rate of domestic demand to China's economic growth reached 80.9%, and the endogenous driving force of the economy has gradually increased.

The international community believes that from the continuous expansion of the market size to the ownership of all industrial categories in the United Nations industry classification, from consumption upgrades to higher manufacturing levels, and from accelerating R&D and innovation to the training of skilled personnel, China has a solid demand and supply foundation for building a new development pattern. .

  Ticiana Alvarez, Professor of International Political Economics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, said: “China’s per capita GDP has exceeded US$10,000, with a huge market of more than 1.4 billion people and the world’s most complete and largest industry. System and complete supporting capabilities. China is accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, creating a stable supply chain and domestic consumer market. Domestic demand has laid a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the Chinese economy."

  Yosuke Luguchi, a professor at the Department of Economics at Teikyo University in Japan, said that China's domestic demand as a proportion of GDP still has a lot of room for improvement.

China's urbanization rate has increased, the income gap between urban and rural residents has narrowed, and the potential for domestic demand has been continuously released.

Under the new development pattern, China's consumer market will be more attractive and provide more opportunities for the recovery of the world economy.

  Sai Chong, chairman of the Cambodian Senate and vice chairman of the People's Party, believes that under the new development pattern, China's development is more balanced.

The advantages of super-large economies and the spillover effects of technological progress will help the global economy recover.

"China ranks among the advanced countries in the high-tech field"

  On the Jinsha River, the first batch of units of the Baihetan Hydropower Station, the world's largest under construction, was officially put into operation, realizing a major breakthrough in China's high-end equipment manufacturing; Qingdao, Shandong, the 600km/h high-speed maglev transportation system officially rolled off the assembly line, marking China's success in conquering the key core Technology, mastered the complete set of high-speed maglev technology and engineering capabilities; from the completion and opening of the Beidou-3 global satellite navigation system, to the scientific detection of Chang'e-5, Tianwen-1, and Struggle, to 5G, big data, and artificial intelligence Enabling high-quality development... China's achievements in the field of science and technology are impressive.

  The most essential feature of constructing a new development pattern is to achieve a high level of self-reliance.

China adheres to the core position of innovation in the overall modernization drive, accelerates the construction of a science and technology power, and makes major strides to a new level in the manufacturing industry.

Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” commented: “China focuses its energy on hard training of internal strength. This is not only the correct choice for China, but also a source of strength for China to continue to resist pressure.”

  The Russian Free Media website published an article: "The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of science and education, and China ranks among the advanced countries in the high-tech field." The article pointed out that China is building its own space station, researching cutting-edge technologies, and investing heavily in innovation. , To create the most superior talent training environment.

In terms of cultivating high-quality and high-level new-type talents, China's approach is worthy of emulation.

  Felix Valdivieso, director of the China Studies Center of IE University in Spain, said that China proposes to strengthen independent innovation, improve the supply chain of the industrial chain, and reduce its dependence on external core key technologies.

In the "14th Five-Year Plan", China will increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, accelerate manufacturing production automation, and promote the development of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other scientific and technological fields. This is a manifestation of making full use of economic development advantages and tapping economic potential.

  Alvarez said that Latin America and China have always maintained exchanges of technological innovation, Brazil and other Latin American countries urgently need to improve their country’s emerging infrastructure construction, and China’s development in 5G, satellite manufacturing, artificial intelligence and other fields is a Latin American scientific and technological cooperation. Provided an opportunity.

"Promote the rapid recovery of the world economy in the post-epidemic era"

  The 129th Canton Fair was held on the "cloud". Exhibitors gathered at the first Consumer Fair. The 2021 Service Trade Fair and the 4th CIIE are actively preparing. China has established a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation platform to form a matrix; In the Pilot Trade Zone, a total of 278 institutional innovations have been introduced at the national level, and the business environment has been more optimized; the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” has been further promoted to promote the continued advancement of economic globalization and increase the well-being of the Chinese people and the people of the world...

  The new development pattern is by no means a closed domestic cycle, but an open domestic and international double cycle.

The international community believes that China's construction of a new development pattern and promotion of reform and opening up from a higher starting point will provide countries around the world with a broader market and development opportunities.

  In the past year, exports of Polish dairy products to China have achieved substantial year-on-year growth. In particular, milk, cheese and whey protein have increased significantly. China-Europe Express has opened a special dairy product train to meet the growing demand of Chinese consumers.

"Chinese consumers are increasingly demanding quality and taste, showing a high degree of recognition of Polish dairy products." The chairman of the Polish Dairy Chamber of Commerce Agnieszka Malishevska said that Polish dairy products will continue to maintain their quality. , To seize the opportunity of China's opening up and cooperation.

  Poland’s former deputy prime minister and economist Kovodko said that China has a huge economic scale, domestic market, and global influence. The new development pattern emphasizes the “dual cycle”. This is an important opportunity for China’s economic transformation and upgrading, and it will also The development of the world economy provides impetus.

  "Building a new development pattern is the need for China's own development, and it will better benefit the people of all countries. China's domestic consumption growth and continued opening up will bring more dividends to global trading partners, and Malaysia will also benefit from it." Malaysia Malaysia-China friendship Association President Majid said, “China continues to firmly promote the high-quality joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, actively promotes trade and investment facilitation, firmly supports the multilateral trading system, and promotes the rapid recovery of the world economy in the post-epidemic era.”

  Constanta Jorquera, a professor of political science at Diego Portales University in Chile, said that under the new development pattern, China's economic structure will continue to be optimized and the quality of economic development will continue to improve.

China maintains a high level of openness, relaxes market access, and promotes fair competition. "China's high-quality development brings new opportunities to the world, which is of great significance for the world economy to get out of the haze."

Holkla said that through the joint construction of cooperation platforms such as the “Belt and Road” and the China International Import Expo, China has always maintained the international free trade system, which is of vital importance to Latin American countries.

  (Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Madrid, Warsaw, July 30, by reporters Gong Ming, Li Xiaoxiao, Yue Linwei, Liu Junguo, Jiang Bo, Yu Yang)

  "People's Daily" (version 03 on July 31, 2021)