It included free maintenance and insurance services, and a “zero” interest when the payment period is set at 3 years.

Summer offers raise the competitiveness of local car markets

  • The summer season offers will support the growth of sales in the automotive sector.


  • Carsten Bender: "We hope to boost car sales during the summer months with the company's new range of models."


Finally, the local car markets witnessed an expanded competition in the summer season offers, including giving dealers additional facilities and services free of charge.

"Emirates Today" monitored a number of offers offered by car agencies, most of which focus on providing free maintenance and insurance services, in addition to window tinting, and financing with "zero" interest when determining the payment period of three years.

Officials in the car trade sector attributed the expanded offers to the high intensity of competition due to the repercussions of the “Covid-19” pandemic, expecting the offers to boost sales growth by significant additional percentages, while providing new facilities.

Various offers

In detail, the local car markets witnessed extensive competition in the summer season offers, as «Emirates Today» monitored local car agencies offering offers that included giving dealers services related to warranty extension, free maintenance and insurance, in addition to free window tinting services, anti-scratch paint, and interest-based financing. Zero when determining the repayment period of three years, and low monthly installments, as well as price reductions at different rates on SUVs and “crossovers”.

Expanded campaigns

Shah Bisharat, production manager at Galadari Company, the dealer of Japanese Mazda cars, said that Galadari had offered various offers on the occasion of the summer season, including insurance and free service.

He added that the current season is witnessing expanded promotional campaigns, including granting dealers facilities, due to the high competitiveness among car agencies to raise their sales quotas of vehicles, affected by the repercussions resulting from the Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Bisharat stressed that the offers and campaigns of the summer season will support the growth of sales in the automotive sector at greater rates during the coming period, especially with the expectations of a large number of agencies of a rapid recovery for many economic sectors from the effects of the pandemic.

Diversification of offers

In turn, the Senior Managing Director of the Automotive Group at Al-Futtaim Motors, Vincent Wienen, said that the company focuses on offerings that depend on providing great value to customers, starting with flexibility when purchasing, through providing rewarding leasing and financing solutions, to extending the validity of the warranty. The company offers offers that include high value for those wishing to trade in their used cars, and benefit from the company's approved used car programs.

corporate confidence

Wenen continued: “It is noticeable when looking at the data for the first six months of this year, that companies’ confidence has risen again, especially in the light commercial vehicles and motorcycles sector, where we have witnessed an increase in demand, in conjunction with the resumption of business activity in many companies in the country. UAE".

He added: "This recovery represents a general trend and an indication of the recovery of the economy and the movement of its wheel in the UAE.

In total, the markets improved by 18% during the first five months of this year, compared to the same period last year, but they are still down by 15% from their levels compared to 2019, which constitute the last positive indicators in the pre-Covid-19 period. )».

Wenen pointed out that the Al-Futtaim car group is witnessing a remarkable growth, as it accounts for a share of about 40% in the market, indicating that this growth is mainly based on small and medium-sized companies, and sales of new and used cars at retail, which confirms the increasing confidence among dealers and companies. In regards to spending.

After-sales service

In the same context, Carsten Bender, CEO of Audi Middle East, said that the company provides an after-sales service program, which includes a three-year warranty and a five-year service contract on most of the company's car models.

He expressed his hope that the group of models bearing the company's brands and the customer service program will continue to boost sales during the summer months through new offers, pointing out that the company has recently launched a group of the latest models in the region's markets.

• The increase in corporate confidence, especially in the light commercial vehicles and motorcycles sector, in conjunction with the resumption of business activity.

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