To apply the “zero” rate to imported goods that are exported within 90 days

Dubai Customs launches "Merchant Export Reports" initiative to increase traders' profits

  • Dubai Customs places innovation-based development at the forefront of its priorities to ensure customer happiness.



Dubai Customs has launched the “Merchant Export Reports” service, which will facilitate for merchants to apply the (zero) rate of value-added tax on the export of goods by clearing agents, or freight agents appointed by buyers abroad, within a specified period of 90 days. They face a challenge represented in their inability to apply the (zero) rate to the exports of goods, due to the lack of evidence to carry out the export process, with the aim of supporting merchants in the Emirate of Dubai to overcome challenges and increase the return on their earnings.

The "Export Reports for the Merchant" service was launched in a virtual meeting, which was attended by the Director General of Dubai Customs, Ahmed Mahboub Musabih, the Director General of the Federal Tax Authority, Khaled Ali Al Bustani, executive directors, and directors of customs departments and centers from both sides.

fulfill the requirements

The merchant must fulfill all other requirements and conditions for applying the zero-rate tax on the export of goods, including keeping the exit certificate, commercial documents proving the export process, and making sure that the goods are exported within the specified period, bearing in mind that the “Merchant Export Report” service is applied Only on imported goods, which are subsequently re-exported, and does not apply to goods acquired locally.

The new e-service aims to provide supporting documents in relation to the export of goods to fulfill the conditions stipulated in the value-added tax legislation, to enable merchants to apply the (zero) rate to the export of goods.

export reports

Khalid Al Bustani said: “The launch of the VAT export reporting service for the merchant came as a result of the unremitting efforts of partnership and integration between the authority and Dubai Customs, with the aim of achieving the public interest and advancing the national economy by providing proactive services that serve customers, and are in line with the aspirations of the rational leadership to reach global competitiveness.” .

He added: “The (Export Merchant Reports) service represents an innovative platform that contributes to raising levels of tax compliance and encourages taxpayers to self-compliance, which contributes to the implementation of policies to diversify the national economy and increase non-oil revenues.

I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Dubai Customs team for their efforts in making the project to launch this smart service a success, and we always look forward to building bridges of cooperation at all levels, and with all government and private agencies and institutions, with the aim of raising the quality of life in a sustainable environment, and developing proactive government services. To raise the level of well-being of the members of society.

Commercial sector

Ahmed Mahboob Musabih expressed his sincere appreciation to the partners in the Federal Tax Authority for their sincere efforts in cooperation and joint coordination in order to serve the commercial sector, and support its development by providing the best commercial and customs facilities for traders and companies, to support their ability to increase trade exchange between Dubai and all countries of the world, to achieve the goals of The state’s plan to empower the economy, as well as Dubai’s five-year plan, with the value of Dubai’s foreign trade reaching two trillion dirhams within five years. Dubai’s non-oil foreign trade recorded in the first quarter of 2021 a growth of 10%, reaching 354.4 billion dirhams, compared to 323 billion dirhams. In the first quarter of 2020, re-exports and exports amount to approximately 150 million dirhams.

He added: "This new electronic service crowns the services and facilities provided by Dubai Customs to promote growth in Dubai's foreign trade, by supporting the ability of dealers to achieve profits by choosing Dubai as a destination for their commercial operations, from which they travel to regional and global markets, which consolidates our position as the capital of the economy and a commercial center." internationally.”

Mosbeh said: "The launch of the new service comes as we prepare for the launch of (Expo 2020 Dubai), which represents the most important economic event the world is witnessing on the road to economic recovery from the effects of the (Covid 19) pandemic, as we work at Dubai Customs to provide the best services and facilities to the participants in the exhibition. The exhibition, led by the smart customs channel Expo dedicated to this global event.”

He stressed that Dubai Customs places the development based on permanent innovation of customs services and facilities at the forefront of its priorities, to ensure the happiness of customers, and to respond to all their requirements in order to keep pace with the economic stimulus packages launched by our wise leadership, with the aim of promoting economic recovery, and providing a model for the countries of the world to follow in recovering from the impact of the virus. global crises.

import data

Director of Customer Happiness Department at Dubai Customs, Idris Behzad, reviewed the details of the electronic “Merchant Export Reports” service, explaining that the importer is obligated to provide the correct import data numbers to the buyer’s export agent abroad, and then indicate the correct original import data in the export data, in order to ensure The importer can issue an “export report for the merchant”, according to the accurate data for import and export.

This report is submitted to prove the export, and it is attached with the exit certificate, and the importer or the export agent issues the report automatically by providing the customs code to the importer, specifying the range of the period required for the report, and then displaying and downloading the “export report to the merchant”, and submitting it as a support for the application of the tax at the rate (zero). ) on the export of goods.

• The new service does not apply to locally acquired goods.

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