China News Service, Beijing, July 30. According to the news from the General Administration of Market Supervision on the 30th, in order to better give play to the technical support and guarantee role of measurement in the aluminum industry, and to lead and drive the innovative development and quality improvement of the aluminum industry, the General Administration of Market Supervision has recently approved to rely on China Aluminum Group High-end Manufacturing Co., Ltd. prepares to build the National Aluminum Industry Metrology and Testing Center.

  Aluminum has the characteristics of light weight, energy saving, ecology and recycling. It is the "metal of the 21st century" and "green metal".

At present, China has become the world's largest aluminum production and consumption country.

  The preparation of the National Aluminum Industry Metrology and Testing Center will form a digital, networked, and intelligent measurement and testing system that integrates the design, manufacturing, testing, use, maintenance and repair of high-end aluminum-based material products, helping to break through the bottleneck of key basic materials and promote The development of special test equipment, the formulation of metrology technical specifications and standards, and the establishment of an aluminum industry metrology and test service innovation platform, a result and standard application platform, and a common technology service platform, which effectively guarantees the independent control of the high-end aluminum industry chain supply chain, and builds the aluminum industry New "landmarks".