Social support is officially cancelled

Enrollment at home and employment is completely decoupled from personal fertility

  Beijing News (Reporter Wu Jiajia) A few days ago, the National Health Commission issued a notice on the implementation of the "Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Optimizing Fertility Policies to Promote Long-term and Balanced Population Development."

The notice mentioned that the three-child birth policy was implemented in accordance with the law, social support payments were abolished, and household entry, school enrollment, employment, etc. were completely decoupled from personal fertility.

  The notice clearly states that the three-child policy will be implemented in accordance with the law.

The provincial people’s congress or its standing committee is promptly requested to revise the population and family planning regulations of this province (region, city), focusing on the revision of related content such as fertility regulation, rewards and social security, inclusive childcare services, family planning services, and legal responsibilities.

Abolish social support fees, clean up and abolish relevant penalties, and at the same time, completely decouple the household, enrollment, employment, etc. from the individual's fertility status.

Follow the principle of unification of the legal system, pay attention to the coordination with the upper law, and do a good job in the connection of rewards and assistance and restrictive punishment measures before and after the implementation of the three-child policy.

Consolidate territorial responsibilities, properly handle historical issues in accordance with laws and regulations, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and maintain the overall stability of the work.

  In addition, the notice also put forward a series of measures to improve the level of prenatal and postnatal care services, promote the development of inclusive childcare services, protect the rights and interests of family planning families, continue to deepen service management reforms, strengthen population monitoring and strategic research, etc., to ensure the implementation of the three-child birth policy. It worked.

  Wu Jiajia