China News Service, Zhaoqing, July 30th. Title: Lu Shuirong, a “new farmer” returning to his hometown in Guangdong: Take root in the countryside and develop new modern agriculture

  China News Service reporter Cheng Jingwei

  Rice fields in July, golden wheat waves.

Due to the large temperature difference between day and night in Gaoyao Town, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, the soil is sandy loam, which is very suitable for high-quality rice production. It is a well-known grain-producing area in Zhaoqing City and is known as the "hometown of rice."

  In the fertile land of Huodao Town, many rice mills were born.

Yaocun Jiahuan Rice Factory is the largest rice factory in Huodao Town, Gaoyao, and is also a key agricultural leading enterprise in Guangdong Province. It is currently developing in the direction of a new modern agricultural industry.

  As the director of the rice factory, Lu Shuirong, from returning to his hometown to start a business and rooting in his hometown, from the acquisition of rice, reprocessing, and sales, to investing more than 300,000 yuan to expand a 1,000 square meter factory building to create a new Jiahuan rice brand. More than 20 years have passed.

Lu Shuirong has also become a prestigious industrial development leader in the village.

  In 2002, Lu Shuirong was elected as the director of Yaocun Village Committee.

In his view, "An extra level of identity means more responsibility." In the following years, Lu Shuirong gave full play to the role of leader.

The tap water supply network was unable to supply water. Lu Shuirong paid half of the project funds out of his pocket, and called on the villagers to jointly raise funds to complete the construction of the water pipes; jointly with the old comrades to apply for the reconstruction of the old Yao Village primary school; advance 350,000 yuan to help the poor households in the village build greenhouse vegetable bases and guide the poor All households out of poverty.

  "The villagers' lives are better, and the construction of the rice factory must keep up." In 2009, the Yaocun Jiahuan Rice Factory acquired 11 acres of land to expand processing and production equipment; in 2019, the rice factory reinvested 1.6 million yuan to build two fully automatic vacuum production lines .

Nowadays, with the help of Gaoyao's geographical advantages, the rice factory plans to expand the base by 1,500 acres on the basis of the original 1,500 acres of high-quality silk seedling rice planting base, and carry out large-scale base construction in accordance with high standards.

  At present, Lu Shuirong is preparing to lead a team to build a planting base and implement modern agriculture; to strengthen brand building, he plans to invest 50 million yuan in the development and construction of agricultural and sideline products base, and research and development of new characteristic agricultural and sideline products wild taro powder.

  Facing the new wave of agricultural development, Lu Shuirong believes that the current ecological agriculture construction has a long way to go.

"The rice-fish symbiosis system is the direction we are currently exploring and developing. Through the symbiosis of fish and rice, the symbiosis of duck and rice, the inheritance of green ecological planting technology, the innovation of the old and the creation of a new model of green and efficient cyclic planting and breeding. At the same time, the combination of planting and breeding is used to create science popularization. Educational base."

  "We strive to build a project that integrates pastoral sightseeing, a demonstration base for popular science education of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and a leisurely agricultural demonstration base." Lu Shuirong said.

  With the gradual formation of Guangdong's large agricultural industry, the vast rural world has attracted more and more talents to return to their hometowns for business development.

In the current era of promoting comprehensive rural revitalization, Guangdong needs more "new farmers" and rural revitalization leaders like Lu Shuirong.

  The previous "Implementation Opinions of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the People's Government of Guangdong Province on Achieving the Consolidation and Expansion of Poverty Alleviation and the Effective Linkage of Rural Revitalization" stated that Guangdong should solidly promote the "Head Goose" project of grassroots party organizations and continue to promote the ability and quality of village cadres. , Choose and manage the leaders of rural revitalization well.

In addition, Guangdong will implement a plan of "talents go to the countryside, cadres to return to the countryside, and capable people to return to the countryside".