Heineken has acquired the Indian brewer United Breweries, the Amsterdam company announced on Friday.

Heineken had already had a majority of the shares since last month and received permission to acquire the Indian company during a shareholders' meeting on Thursday.

The acquired brewer is the market leader in its home country and is best known for the Kingfisher beer brand.

Heineken already expanded its stake in the Indian brewer from 46.5 to 61.5 percent in June.

It did so by buying shares from former owner and billionaire Vijay Mallya.

He is suspected in India of, among other things, corruption and currently resides in the United Kingdom, where he is challenging his extradition to India.

Heineken wants to gain a firm foothold in the Indian beer market.

1.4 billion people live in the country, making it the most populous country in the world after China.

The Indians are not yet big beer drinkers.

They consume on average only 2 liters per person per year.

However, that could change, Heineken thinks, partly because the country has an increasingly larger middle class and the brewer expects that middle class will like an extra beer in the future.