The American tech company Amazon expanded considerably in the past quarter: the company took on 64,000 employees, increasing its workforce to more than 1.3 million.

Amazon announced this on Thursday at the presentation of the quarterly figures.

The growth in the number of employees shows that Amazon is doing well in the corona pandemic.

Due to the various lockdowns, people have started shopping online more often and so ended up at Amazon.

As a result, more people are needed in the warehouses and sorting centers of the online giant.

This is reflected in the number of employees: last year there were 52 percent less at the end of the second quarter than today.

The fact that Amazon is doing well during the corona crisis is also apparent from the rest of the quarterly figures.

The company raked in $113 billion (about 95 billion euros) in sales, more than 27 percent more than the same quarter last year.

However, sales were slightly lower than expected.

Earnings rose 48 percent from last year to $7.8 billion.

The presentation of the quarterly figures was led for the first time by new CEO Andy Jassy. Jassy succeeded Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as CEO early this month. Bezos, currently the richest man on Earth, is still chairman of Amazon.