"Free shipping" can not deprive consumer choice

  Zhang Yusheng

  In reality, many e-commerce sellers adopt the idea of ​​"free shipping and home delivery", which makes consumers feel that they are discounted and choose to place orders here.

Out of consideration of the cost of shipping, some sellers will choose low-priced courier companies, and courier companies are also willing to exchange low prices for volume to expand their market share.

But once some courier companies become "delivery people" unilaterally hired by some e-commerce sellers, they will ignore or ignore the right of consumers to choose which courier company.

This situation needs to arouse the attention of relevant parties.

  This is because express delivery services are originally a logistics link connecting merchants and consumers. If consumers are marginalized, it is obviously unhealthy.

After all, consumers are important promoters of the online shopping market and the main experiencers of express delivery services.

Merchants should not use free shipping as an excuse to deprive consumers of the right to choose express delivery, but should aim to improve the satisfaction of online shopping consumers.

This requires all parties involved in the online shopping market and express delivery services to work together to meet each other.

  In this regard, the seven departments recently issued a document to "promote the implementation of the separation of commodity pricing and express service pricing", separate the selection of "commodity prices" and "express prices", and combine billing to promote the resolution of related issues.

On the one hand, e-commerce platforms can open up value-added service options while still implementing the "postage" system in general, take into account the needs of consumers to choose express delivery companies, and enhance the transmission of prices and the role of resource allocation.

On the other hand, the express delivery industry must get rid of extensive operations, try differentiated services, attract users and win the market with high-quality services.

For some consumers, the consumption habit of "free shipping" should be viewed correctly, and the express delivery service experience should be emphasized, which in turn forces the express delivery industry to improve service quality.

  Zhang Yusheng