Chinanews Client Beijing, July 29th (Reporter Zhang Xu) On June 15, the Ministry of Transport announced the "Comprehensive Promotion of Expressway Differentiated Toll Implementation Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which has now entered the organization What is the latest progress during the implementation phase?

The picture shows the Emei-Ebian section of the E-Han Expressway.

Photo by Liu Zhongjun

  Sun Wenjian, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport, said on the 29th that according to preliminary statistics, 29 provinces across the country (Hainan and Tibet have no toll roads) have implemented differentiated expressway tolls based on local conditions.

  Sun Wenjian introduced that from the perspective of differentiated tolls, 29 provinces have all implemented differentiated tolls based on payment methods, and different degrees of toll concessions have been given to ETC vehicles.

22 provinces implemented differentiated tolls by vehicle type, 21 provinces implemented differentiated tolls for different sections, 10 provinces implemented differentiated tolls for entrances and exits, 5 provinces implemented differentiated tolls for different periods, and 1 province implemented differentiated tolls. Directional differentiated charges.

  "It is understood that at present, 24 provinces have also studied and put forward new differentiated charging policies in conjunction with implementation effect evaluations. After further improvement, they will be reported to the provincial people's government for approval and organized for implementation after further improvement."

  For example, Sun Wenjian said that Zhejiang has implemented a 12% toll discount for 5-axle and 6-axle trucks passing through the Qianjiang Tunnel to attract more vehicles to pass through here.

"From a practical point of view, the implementation of differentiated expressway tolls, the distribution of traffic in the pilot area and road sections tends to be balanced, the road network operation efficiency is significantly improved, the cost of truck transportation is effectively reduced, and the legitimate rights and interests of highway investors are effectively protected. This measure is realized. In order to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results."

  Will there be places where fees do not decrease but increase instead?

  In this regard, Sun Wenjian said that the comprehensive promotion of differentiated tolls aims to improve the efficiency of expressway network traffic, promote the cost reduction and efficiency increase of the logistics industry, and allow the public to share more of the dividends of expressway reform and development.

"The comprehensive promotion and implementation of differentiated expressway tolls have all been reduced on the basis of the current standards and have not been improved." (End)