China News Service, July 29 (Reporter Chen Jing) The reporter was informed on the 29th that the Shanghai International Fintech Innovation Center (abbreviated as: Innovation Center) was officially opened.

  The Innovation Center is jointly awarded by the Shanghai Headquarters of the People’s Bank of China, Shanghai Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, and Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center Construction Office. First sample area.

  It is reported that the Innovation Center has initially formed an overall layout of “two zones and one platform” consisting of cutting-edge technology demonstration zones, industry application innovation zones, and public service platforms. On the one hand, it will vigorously promote the integration and integration of the financial technology industry, and on the other hand, it will insist on innovation and integration. Pay equal attention to safety, and gradually promote the supervision of financial technology innovation pilot projects.

  Deng Weili, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Financial Technology Alliance, told reporters: "In view of the characteristics of the financial technology industry, the Innovation Center will focus on creating ten characteristic functions such as supervision assistance, data empowerment, joint research, demand release, exchanges and display, etc., to provide financial technology users, Developers and participants provide a stage for collaboration and cooperation to promote various institutions to produce chemical reactions in the financial technology ecosystem and create a Shanghai power for financial technology development."

  It is understood that in the future, the Shanghai Financial Technology Alliance will actively promote the full coverage of the innovation center in the Shanghai Urban Innovation Financial Technology International Industrial Park, undertake the overflow of functions in the core area, and complement the development of the industry chain.

  It is understood that, in addition, focusing on major strategies such as financial services for the real economy development and financial support for the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the innovation center will aim to build an industrial-grade financial innovation infrastructure, and gather all forces to jointly promote the high-quality development of financial technology.

  During the interview, the reporter learned that the "Shanghai Financial Technology Development White Paper (2020)" was released.

The Organizing Committee of the Third Shanghai Financial Technology International Forum and the First Yangtze River Delta Financial Technology Conference was inaugurated simultaneously.

It is reported that the 3rd Shanghai Financial Technology International Forum will further promote the construction of Shanghai as an international financial center.