While professionals are worried and the French are demonstrating, the executive is trying to reassure about the new health rules.

And this Wednesday it is Bruno Le Maire's turn to step up to the plate.

The Minister of the Economy has thus assured that the government will respond "present" to help companies whose activity will be penalized by the health pass.

"As we have been present since the start of this crisis, since the first day of this crisis, we will also be present at the end of the summer for those who will have been impacted," the minister said on



He also made an appointment with professionals on August 30 in order to "take stock with them, look at the losses in turnover sector by sector".

Extension of the solidarity fund until the end of August

Since the extension of the health pass last week to several sectors, such as leisure parks or cinemas, professionals claim to see their activity greatly reduced.

Restaurant owners, cafes and other establishments open to the public who will also have to apply it from the beginning of August have already expressed their fears.

Bruno Le Maire also recalled that companies can already continue to benefit from the solidarity fund, extended until the end of August.

Since the start of the crisis, the government's strategy has remained to "compensate for losses which may be linked to restrictive health rules", insisted the minister.


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"The QR code does not have to reveal health data", according to a lawyer who filed an appeal against the health pass

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