China News Service, Chongqing, July 28th, title: "Double Ten Billion" project strung together Wanzhou Ecological Cycle Agricultural Industry Chain in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area

  Author Ma Jiaxin Ying Fenglin

  The green water swept away, and the green hills opened towards each other.

When ecological recycling agriculture knocked on the silence in the mountains, the fields and paddy fields in Wanzhou, Chongqing became a "green sign". Under the impetus of the "double tens of billions" project construction, the originally dormant green resources of the mountains are constantly being transformed into ecological competition. force.

  Since 2018, based on the modern agricultural industrial system and industrial development space layout, Wanzhou District has promoted the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, and implemented the "double tens of billions" project with 1 million mu of economic fruit forests, 1 million ecological pigs, and 10 billion output values. Promote the high-quality development of high-efficiency agriculture in the mountainous regions of the whole region.

Today, the "double tens of billions" project spreading across the mountains and rivers of Wanzhou is blowing a green whirlwind in the mountains, linking up the local ecological circular agricultural industry chain.

"Volume + quality" double upgrade to create a million acres of economic fruit forest

  In July, Wanzhou District Water Town was filled with the sweet fragrance of plums.

44-year-old Li Guihua carrying a basket, picking fruits under the plum tree with his mother and wife.

After picking one or two plums the size of an egg, the whole family uttered "tsk tusk" compliments in unison.

  "This year, 50 mu of plums are full-bodied, with an estimated output of 80,000 jin, and an output value of more than 400,000 yuan." Li Guihua happily picked plums while happily telling reporters that by planting plums, family income has risen every year.

  The strong momentum of plum development is due to the development of millions of acres of economic fruit forests. Based on the unique mountain environment and three-dimensional climate advantages, the area has established the "581" altitude range industrial development model. The main development of citrus is below 500 meters, and the altitude is 800 meters. At an altitude of 500 meters to 1,000 meters above sea level, ecological tea is mainly developed, and small fruits focusing on mid- and late-ripening plums and early-ripening pears are mainly developed.

  During the development of the economic fruit forest, Wanzhou District insisted on the organic combination of "greening" and "increasing income".

In terms of leading industries, Wanzhou fully uses soil testing formula fertilization, implements organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers, and reduces the amount of pesticides and fertilizers; in order to improve economic benefits, the area has established an organic and high-efficiency agricultural industrial park to promote the development of millions of mu of economic fruit forests by 2022. , The whole district will build 118 organic high-efficiency agricultural industrial parks, with a demonstration area of ​​300,000 mu of organic high-efficiency agriculture, and the comprehensive output value per mu from 7,000 yuan to more than 15,000 yuan.

  At present, Wanzhou District has built 880,000 mu of economic fruit forest base.

"Development + protection" double promotes the development of millions of ecological pigs

  Entering the Qichang pig farm in Swan Village, the pen is clean and tidy, no smell, no sewage, a pipe leads to the outside of the pen, and a fine stream flows out.

  Wanzhou is located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and shoulders the important task of ensuring the ecological safety of the Three Gorges reservoir area.

How to solve the hidden dangers of pollution in pig farms?

  Xiang Jin, the person in charge of the Qichang Pig Farm, told the reporter that the Qichang Pig Farm adopts the breeding technology of "low rack net bed + probiotics + heterotopic fermentation", and hundreds of live pigs sleep on the "net bed". The feces downstairs are not washed with water, but are stored outside the pens through an automatic fecal scraper, mixed and fermented deeply with straws and probiotics to make organic fertilizer.

  "Not only does it have zero emissions, but it can also turn waste into treasure to make money." Xiangjin settled his account: The pigpen does not need to be washed, and it saves more than 40 cubic meters of water a day, saves 10,000 yuan in electricity bills and reduces labor wages by more than 20,000 yuan.

It not only saves costs, but also reduces the number of pig diseases, improves the feed conversion rate, and improves the quality of pork.

  And this is just a microcosm of the modern pig farm in Wanzhou District.

At present, such a modern pig farm in Wanzhou has built 75 841 units and has a production capacity of 1.05 million pigs. The project now has 330,000 pigs in stock.

  In order to reduce breeding risks, Wanzhou District introduced the Sichuan Dekang Group's family farm breeding business model, adopted the "leading enterprise + family farm" replacement breeding model, implemented large-scale standardized breeding, added decontamination facilities, and effectively prevented and controlled epidemics.

The project adopts the method of “reward for subsidy” to organize the village collective economy to participate in the ecological pig breeding farm, and embed the village collective economy into the family farm. Poor villages and key villages can receive a dividend of 100,000 yuan per year, and ordinary villages can receive a dividend of 50,000 yuan per year.

By investing in shares in this way and increasing farmers’ income, the Million Pigs Project effectively solved the problem of the “empty shell” of the rural collective economy.

  Nowadays, with the completion of the "Double Ten Billion" project, a picture of a beautiful village of "ecological beauty, prosperity of the industry, and prosperity of the people" is slowly being opened, and Wanzhou Woye exhibits beautiful new looks.