The government's pre-order for new housing sites in the metropolitan area started today (28th).

Starting today, the first batch of 1,050 units in Incheon Gyeyang, 1,535 units in Jinjeop 2 in Namyangju, 1,26 units in Bokjeong 1 in Seongnam, 304 units in Uiyang Cheonggye 2, 418 units in Wirye, etc. Pre-order for 4,333 rooms is in progress.

Subscriptions are made sequentially, and today, we are accepting special supplies during public sale and subscriptions for residents of the Town of Hope for Newlyweds.

Applications for these will be accepted until August 3rd.

The income requirements for those eligible for special supply are 130% of the average monthly income of city workers for newlyweds (140% for dual-income earners), 130% for the first time in life, and 120% or less for elderly parents and multiple children.

Their assets are 215 million won for real estate and 34.96 million won for automobiles.

For Newlyweds Hope Town, the income standard is below 130% of monthly average income (140% for dual-income earners).

The total asset standard is applied to Newlyweds Hope Town, which is 370 million won.

The first priority application for public sale general supply is August 4-6.

Applications for residents of Gyeonggi-do and other areas (metropolitan area) of Newlywed Hope Town will be accepted on August 4th.

If you win the advance subscription, you cannot apply for the advance subscription in other regions, and you must maintain your homeless status until this subscription.

The pre-order winner can make this offer for another house or purchase a house, but cannot move into the house won by the pre-order.

The mandatory residence period for local preferential supply only needs to be satisfied up to the time of this subscription.

The mandatory residence period varies depending on the size and location of the complex and whether or not a speculative overheating district has been designated, so it is recommended to check the subscription notice.

In principle, the application process is conducted online on the PC website ( for the advance subscription.

There is an on-site reception desk, but it is for the elderly 65 years of age or older and the disabled who have difficulty using the Internet.

(Photo=Pre-subscription homepage capture, Yonhap News)