Skymark Airlines, an airline that continues to be severely managed due to the effects of the new coronavirus, will make final adjustments to receive capital support of about 4 billion yen from shareholder investment funds and ANA Holdings in order to improve its financial base. I entered.

According to the people concerned, "Skymark" has a capital of about 4 billion yen to improve its financial base in response to the fact that the financial results for FY2020 fell into the final deficit of 16.3 billion yen last year due to the influence of the new coronavirus. We have entered the final adjustment to receive support.

Specifically, it will increase capital with the investment fund of the largest shareholder and ANA Holdings, which is also a shareholder, and will receive a "subordinated loan" of a loan that can be regarded as capital from the Development Bank of Japan, a government-affiliated financial institution. It is expected to be officially decided in the near future.

As the difficult business environment continues among domestic airlines, ANA and Japan Airlines have already implemented public offerings to strengthen their financial base.