Supermarket chain Albert Heijn (AH) is now also digitizing the receipt after the savings campaign and purchase stamps.

According to a spokesperson, the company hopes to take a step towards much fewer paper receipts, but it is not over for the paper version.

This has been the case with sales stamps since the beginning of this year.

AH previously stopped printing a receipt as standard at checkout.

When people scan and pay for the groceries themselves, you can opt for a short receipt that only opens the gate.

"You can indicate at the cash registers that you still want a receipt," says the spokesperson.

The digital receipt can be seen via the app of the supermarket chain, so you must have it.

"It only works for customers who have a personal bonus card in the app."

That is why AH thinks it is a step too far to say goodbye to the paper receipt altogether.

"By the way, the receipt looks just like the trusted paper receipt in the app."

In the future there will also be a barcode, so that people with the digital receipt can open the gates themselves after the cash registers.

In January of this year, AH said goodbye to paper sales stamps after 65 years.

The corona pandemic gave the last push.

If you still find paper sales stamp booklets in the back of a drawer, you can still hand them in until 2025.

AH wants to do more and more digitally, the receipt is now the last thing that only existed on paper.