China News Service, Guangzhou, July 27th (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) 2021 Guangdong Litchi "12221" Market System Construction Summary and Longan, Grapefruit, Banana, and Citrus Marketing Mobilization Conference was held in Guangzhou on the 27th.

The reporter learned from the meeting that this year is a bumper year for litchi in Guangdong. The province's litchi output reached a record high of 1.47 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 10%, and an output value of 14.08 billion yuan was achieved.

  According to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, during the “12221” marketing campaign for litchi in Guangdong in 2021, the province will build “1” China (Guangdong) litchi industry big data center to provide Guangdong litchi marketing market, production area, industrial policy, production Service support such as monitoring, logistics monitoring, sales area market rankings, e-commerce price monitoring, popular purchasing cities, daily business information, etc.

  At the same time, Guangdong expanded and improved the "2" markets in the sales and production areas. Guangdong Litchi Square has successively settled in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiaxing, Xi'an, Changsha, Chongqing, Chengdu and other places; the production and sales areas have "2" buyer teams Further growth; 30 "2" activities in the promotion conferences for production areas and core consumer cities have been completed; the "1" package goals such as industrial upgrading, expansion of domestic and international markets, and storytelling of lychee brands across Guangdong have been achieved.

Litchi (data map).

Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of Guangzhou Zengcheng District Committee Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of Guangzhou Zengcheng District Committee

  At present, Guangdong longan has been on the market, and grapefruit, bananas, and citrus will appear on the market one after another.

Guangdong requires the relevant departments of all production areas to focus on industrial upgrading, make up for shortcomings and smooth circulation, and use the construction of modern agricultural industrial parks as the starting point to continue to tackle problems such as large and small years, variety improvement and update, sorting and packaging, cold chain storage and transportation, and deep processing. , Promote the extension of the industrial chain and enhance the value chain; highlight brand leadership, expand the domestic and international markets, deeply explore the historical and cultural symbols and human values ​​of longan, grapefruit, banana, citrus and other products, and increase brand promotion and publicity in an all-round way. Polish the regional, cultural, and ecological brands of Guangdong agricultural products.

  The conference commended a group of outstanding units that have made special contributions to government affairs and provided excellent government services in "I do practical things for lychee farmers", as well as national and Guangdong provincial-level lychee special areas, the most valuable lychee regional public brands, Excellent units such as Guangdong Litchi Brand Demonstration Base.

Eight representatives from different fields and friends of litchi farmers shared the story of this year's litchi season.

  At the meeting, Guangdong's longan, grapefruit, banana, and citrus production areas also released the "12221" brand marketing action plan for longan, grapefruit, banana, and citrus one after another through videos. Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs signed a cooperation framework agreement with China Southern Airlines Holdings Co., Ltd.; Guangdong Modern Agricultural Industrial Park Alliance and Hebei Xinfadi Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Market, Zhengda Group, Guangdong Farmers Cooperative Association and Guangdong Shengjia Supermarket Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hema Xiansheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. signed Guangdong longan, grapefruit, banana, and citrus purchase and sale cooperation agreement. (Finish)