The 100-day countdown to the 4th China International Import Expo, exhibitors are full of expectations——

There are many new things to watch at the CIIE this year

  On July 27, the 4th China International Import Expo ushered in a 100-day countdown.

What's new in this upcoming global trade event?

How is the exhibition recruitment situation?

  Relevant data shows that up to now, the contracted exhibition area has reached the expected target of 360,000 square meters. The number of Fortune 500 and industry leading companies signed to participate in the exhibition has exceeded the previous one. The new section has attracted many "new friends", and some exhibition areas have "one difficult Begging"... the hot scenes again show the charm of the CIIE.

  Under the background that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spreading globally, people from all over the world have praised China for continuing to host the fourth CIIE, which will help more companies share the opportunities in the Chinese market and inject confidence and strength into the recovery of the world economy.

  Exhibition theme update

  On July 26, the 100-day press conference for the countdown to the opening of the 4th CIIE was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).

Sun Chenghai, deputy director of the China International Import Expo Bureau, introduced that the 4th CIIE has updated the exhibition themes.

On the one hand, innovative display themes, setting up special areas for energy, low-carbon and environmental protection technology, biomedicine, smart travel, green smart home appliances and home furnishings; on the other hand, service innovation drives development strategies, and pilot establishment of innovation incubations in the equipment, medical, and automobile exhibition areas Special area to build a platform for overseas high-quality innovative resources to meet the needs of the domestic market.

  Qualcomm, which has participated in three consecutive sessions, will participate in the IC area for the first time in the CIIE this year.

Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm's China region, said that the addition of an integrated circuit area will help further improve the level of professional exhibitions and exhibition quality of the 4th CIIE, and can strengthen the docking and exchanges between domestic and foreign integrated circuit companies, and accelerate the construction of new development. Contribute to the pattern.

At this exhibition, Qualcomm will showcase new technologies and the results achieved in cooperation with Chinese industries.

  The biomedicine zone is another new zone after the establishment of the public health and epidemic prevention zone last year for the medical equipment and medical care exhibition zone, focusing on cutting-edge technologies, high-quality products and industrial development trends in the biomedical field.

Novartis Group (China) President Badenian stated that the CIIE is an excellent platform to showcase innovative achievements. Novartis has participated in the Expo for 3 consecutive sessions and achieved multiple signings and cooperation.

At the 4th CIIE, Novartis will continue to present its latest research and development results to promote medical innovation and benefit human health.

  In addition to the establishment of a new special area, Sun Chenghai introduced that the organization of the 4th CIIE is more specialized.

Give full play to the role of exhibitor alliances and professional committees, establish new special committees for energy, low-carbon and environmental protection technology, and automotive innovation and development to build a platform for political and business exchanges, enterprise cooperation, and industrial innovation and development.

  Not long ago, the CIIE Exhibitors Alliance established a new special committee-Smart Mobility and New Energy Special Committee, which aims to focus on the upgrading needs of the global automotive industry and the leadership of technological innovation. The first batch of 14 member units has invited the United Nations The Investment and Technology Promotion Office of the Development Organization (Beijing, China) serves as the support unit of the special committee.

As the chairman of the Smart Mobility and New Energy Special Committee, Wei Shujie, President and CEO of Michelin China, said that the CIIE is a stage for promoting innovation and expanding international cooperation, as well as an important channel for foreign companies to enter the Chinese market.

It is hoped that the establishment of the special committee will be used as an opportunity to promote the comprehensive integration of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

  New products and new services are here

  There are also many new features in the exhibits.

  "We have formally signed a contract to become an exhibitor in the cultural section of the Service Trade Zone of the 4th CIIE." said Marco Xing, CEO of Spain International Art Times. "Participating in the CIIE is a very good thing for us. Opportunities can promote international cultural and artistic exchanges. While bringing overseas artists’ works to China for everyone’s appreciation, they can also export some of the works of Chinese artists abroad."

  It is reported that the service trade exhibition area of ​​the 4th CIIE will focus on displaying forward-looking innovative service solutions in various fields, and creating a large platform spanning financial consulting, business logistics, testing and certification, cultural tourism and other services.

Among them, the cultural sector, as the focus of the newly built exhibition area, will focus on the iterative upgrading of industries and lead the trend of cross-border integration.

At present, a number of cultural and cultural IPs such as the British Museum have been confirmed to participate in the 4th CIIE.

  Singapore's art organization E-ART has also formally signed a contract as an exhibitor in the cultural sector.

Lin Youjia, the representative of the organization, said, “The CIIE will become the most important exhibition event we participate in in China. It will bring us rich customer feedback and market insights, so as to promote our satisfaction in the future development. The changing needs of the Chinese art market."

  The enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in the exhibition is high, and the supporting measures are even stronger.

In terms of taxation, import tariffs, import value-added tax and consumption tax are exempted for a reasonable number of imported exhibits sold during the CIIE. For artworks, collectibles and antiquities, each exhibitor can enjoy sales of less than 5 pieces. This tax benefit.

  As a unit authorized by the China International Import Expo Bureau to assist in the promotion of exhibitions in the cultural sector of the service trade exhibition area and exhibitor services, the relevant person in charge of Shanghai Free Trade Zone International Cultural Investment Development Co., Ltd. introduced that it will rely on the Shanghai Free Trade Zone to facilitate the trade of cultural relics and artworks Advantages, to provide exhibitors with full-process entry and exit channel services, booth construction, exhibition deployment, and import taxation agency settlement.

At the same time, after the exhibition, bonded warehousing, display and transaction services will be provided for unsold works.

  Not only will there be more artworks on display, Sun Chenghai introduced that the quality of the exhibits at the 4th CIIE is better. After preliminary screening, a large number of new products, new technologies and new services will be realized at the 4th CIIE. First launch and first exhibition in China" to better meet the needs of promoting high-quality development and creating a high-quality life.

  Stage open handle world

  Set up an open stage and hold hands with the world.

With the introduction and landing of a series of powerful measures, the CIIE is getting better and better, and the "circle of friends" continues to expand, showing a stronger attraction on a global scale.

  This year, Nikon signed a contract to participate in the CIIE for the first time, and it will appear in the integrated circuit area of ​​the technical equipment exhibition area.

At the signing ceremony a few days ago, Nikon Group Executive Director Masato Hamaya said that the holding of the CIIE is of great significance and fully demonstrated the willingness of China to cooperate with overseas companies.

China is one of Nikon’s most important markets.

In the future, Nikon will continue to cultivate the rapidly growing Chinese market and contribute to common development.

  "Boehringer Ingelheim participated in the CIIE for two consecutive years and achieved fruitful results. He felt the huge business opportunities and influence brought by the CIIE, and strengthened his determination and confidence in accelerating the development of China's business and increasing investment in the Chinese market." Gao Qifei, President and CEO of Boehringer Ingelheim Greater China, said, “At present, the company has started preparations for the 4th CIIE and plans to set up dual exhibition booths. We will continue to show the audience around the health of people and animals. The company’s innovative products and solutions."

  According to data from the China International Import Expo Bureau, up to now, the contracted exhibition area of ​​the 4th CIIE has reached the expected target of 360,000 square meters.

Exhibitors are more representative. The number of Fortune 500 and industry leading companies that have signed up to participate in the exhibition exceeds the previous one, with a return rate of over 80%. At the same time, more than 30 exhibitors are exhibiting for the first time; many invisible champions occupying leading positions in industry segments are also Will be unveiled at the CIIE.

Organizing organizations from many countries have expanded their exhibition area, and organized more small and medium-sized enterprises representing the country's characteristics and manufacturing level to participate in the exhibition.

  The active participation of enterprises from various countries not only emphasizes the gains from the exhibition, but also optimistic about the opportunities in the entire Chinese market.

Vorwerk, a German company that has participated in the three CIIEs, plans to establish a digital center in Shanghai to better adapt to China's changing market environment.

Cha Sheng, general manager of Vorwerk China, said that Vorwerk hopes to seize the new opportunities brought by China's new development pattern and launch more personalized products and services to add value and health to the people's lives.

  After exhibiting for the first time in 2019, Shiseido doubled its booth area at the 3rd CIIE and became one of the first companies to sign a "long contract" for participating in the 4th to 6th CIIE.

In 2020, Shiseido’s business in the Chinese market will grow strongly, with sales accounting for about 26% of Shiseido’s global consolidated sales, which has become a huge driving force for the development of the Shiseido Group.

  “This year marks the 40th anniversary of Shiseido’s entry into China. Shiseido has fully felt the huge potential of the Chinese cosmetics market, especially under the spread of the global epidemic. China has effectively contained the epidemic and promoted the sustained and stable recovery of the economy. This has made our foreign-funded companies admire it, and We have confidence in continuing to develop our business in China." said Kentaro Fujiwara, President of Shiseido China, "We hope to continue to take root in the Chinese market, introduce more new brands, new products and new technologies, and synchronize high-value products to Chinese consumers. "

  Qiu Haifeng