Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, July 27, 27th morning, the three major A-share indexes maintained wide fluctuations, the Shanghai stock index had an amplitude of over 1% in the early trading, and the ChiNext stock index had an amplitude of nearly 3%.

  As of the midday close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.14% to 3,472.40 points; the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.02% to 14,634.03 points; the ChiNext Index rose 0.40% to 3,344.70 points.

  Source of early trading trend of the Shanghai stock index: Wind

  On the disk, the strong semiconductor sector led the two cities, with Kexiang, Ashichuang, Sihui Fortune, Mingyang Circuits, etc., with a 20% daily limit. SMIC hit the daily limit and rose by 18.79% as of the noon close; Taiji Industrial, Concord Electronics, Shanghai Electric Co., Ltd. and other shares have daily limit.

  Sectors such as communications equipment, optics and optoelectronics, computers, automobiles, non-ferrous metals, and coal led the way.

Brokerage stocks led the decline, Xiangcai shares fell nearly 6%, insurance, real estate, paper, banking and other sectors have fallen.

  Up to now, the ratio of all trading stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks is 2253:1967, with 54 stocks trading at a daily limit and 15 stocks trading at a daily limit. 

  In terms of northbound funds, the net outflow of northbound funds in the morning exceeded 300 million yuan, of which the outflow of Shanghai Stock Connect exceeded 1.3 billion, and the inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect exceeded 1 billion.

  The top five stocks with turnover rate are: Heda Technology, Xianheng International, Rongzhi Rixin, Maipu Medical, and Zhejiang Media, which are respectively 50.784%, 46.885%, 37.180%, 32.907%, and 29.958%.

  Regarding the market outlook, Zheshang Securities believes that the overall characteristics of this year’s market are "overall turbulence, structural differentiation, and valuation switching." Therefore, when the leading structural sector reaches a high valuation area, there will be profit taking and market risk release. Possibility.

In other words, rapid risk release is not necessarily a bad thing, and there is no need to panic too much.

  Huaxin Securities said that it does not currently have the basis for the formation of a trending market. "It is not easy to go up and down." The downward space is still tending to be limited. Especially the current trading volume above the continuous trillion yuan means that the market is hot. So there is no need to be too pessimistic at the moment.

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