China News Service, Urumqi, July 27th (Qi Linjie and Fan Shoucheng) 858.72 kg!

Good news came out of the winter wheat yield per mu in Qitai Farm of the Sixth Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, setting a new record in Xinjiang's history of winter wheat.

  A few days ago, an expert group composed of Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University, Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, etc., jointly established the drip irrigation winter wheat high-yield by the Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences Crop Research Institute, the Sixth Division Agricultural Science Research Institute and Qitai Farm. Demonstration field for actual production acceptance.

  The drip-irrigated winter wheat high-yield demonstration field covers an area of ​​210 acres. The expert team strictly followed the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs "National Grain High-yield Production Test and Acceptance Measures (Trial)" for actual production acceptance. Three samples of 14.44 acres were selected for acceptance in the demonstration fields.

After field measurement, combine harvester actual harvest, weighing, moisture determination, sampling and impurity rate measurement, the test results showed that the fresh weight of the grain was 12,102.59 kg, the impurity was 0.33%, the water separation was 9.81%, and the average yield was 838.13 kg per mu, of which The fresh weight of 5.36 mu of grain is 4,602.74 kg, the impurity is 0.1%, the moisture content is 9.54%, and the yield is 858.72 kg per mu.

Field measurement.

Photo by Fan Shoucheng

  Song Min, an extension researcher at the Agricultural Technology Extension Station of Xinjiang Corps, said that this is currently the highest yield of winter wheat per mu in Xinjiang.

  The winter wheat variety accepted this time is Xindong 52. Zhan Yong, director of the Crop Research Institute of Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that compared with other winter wheat varieties, this variety has obvious advantages in three factors: ears per mu, grains per ear, and thousand-grain weight.

  Zhang Weiguo, secretary of the Agricultural Science Research Institute of the Sixth Division, said that in the planting management, the high-yield technical team followed up and guided the whole process, strictly according to the winter wheat fine soil preparation, seed fertilizer separation sowing, precise seeding, precise fertilization and other supporting integrated technology planting, through a series of The application of supporting scientific planting management technology has achieved high-yield results in demonstration fields.

  Zhang Rui, a member of the wheat expert group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and a professor at Northwest A&F University, said that winter wheat grains are not only clean, with high keratin rate, but also good quality. We will continue to strengthen technical research in the later stage and the yield is expected to increase.

The combine harvester actually harvested.

Photo by Fan Shoucheng

  Lai Junchen, deputy head of Qitai Farm, said that since the establishment of the drip irrigation winter wheat high-yield demonstration field, radiation has driven the whole field to increase the output of drip irrigation winter wheat, with an average yield of more than 650 kg per mu.

  This year, the sixth division has a wheat planting area of ​​442,000 mu, and Qitai Farm has planted about 200,000 mu, accounting for 40% of the sixth division.

  Dong Chengguang, deputy director of the Wujiaqu Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau of the Sixth Division, said that the division attaches great importance to scientific wheat planting and high-yield research. In recent years, Xinjiang's high-yield wheat production record was 734.7 kilograms per mu of winter wheat in Qitai Farm in 2013, a record high in Xinjiang. Records, this year once again set a new record for the high yield of winter wheat in Xinjiang, and explored an effective path for the high-quality development of wheat planting. (Finish)