my country's first round-island natural gas pipeline network project is put into operation in Hainan

  Xinhua News Agency, Sanya, July 23 (Reporter Chen Ziwei) The reporter learned from the National Pipeline Network Group on the 23rd that the East Ring Road (Wenchang-Qionghai-Sanya Gas Pipeline) of Hainan’s round-island natural gas pipeline has officially entered the operating stage and began to provide downstream users The distribution of gas supply marks the commissioning of my country's first round-the-island natural gas pipeline network project in Hainan, and the landing of the "gas network" project in the construction of the "five networks" people's livelihood infrastructure in Hainan Province.

  According to reports, the East Loop of the Hainan Island roundabout natural gas pipeline network put into operation this time is constructed and operated by the National Pipe Network Group West-East Gas Transmission Hainan Provincial Pipeline Co., Ltd.

After it is put into operation, it will be closed to the completed "C"-shaped pipeline, ending the history of no pipeline natural gas supply in the eastern coastal area of ​​Hainan Province.

  It is understood that the previously put into operation of the western pipeline network around the island in Hainan has transported more than 17.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Hainan Province.

Wang Bin, head of the National Pipeline Network Group’s Hainan Island Gas Pipeline Project, said: “The newly put into operation pipeline is 289 kilometers long, with an annual designed gas transmission capacity of nearly 1.5 billion cubic meters, which can replace about 18.12 million tons of standard coal. It satisfies the gas demand of downstream users, especially industrial users."

  It is reported that the Hainan Island Roundabout Pipe Network Project has a total length of 875 kilometers and an annual designed gas transmission capacity of 4.1 billion cubic meters, covering 15 cities and counties in Hainan Province, enabling multiple gas sources such as sea gas, land gas, and liquefied natural gas to enter the same pipeline. Internet, to provide more residential and industrial users with gas guarantee.