China News Service, Beijing, July 24th (Reporter Du Yan) As a brand activity focused on cultivating and building Beijing's international consumption center city-"Beijing Consumption Season" launched the Beijing Smart Consumption Festival and Beijing Information Consumption Festival on the evening of the 23rd, linking Beijing More than 10 key business districts, more than 300 brand companies, and more than 2,000 stores in the city have carried out more than 100 consumer promotion activities. Companies independently issued 1 billion yuan of smart and information consumption coupons to accelerate the promotion of new formats and new forms of smart and information consumption. The popularization and application of models and new scenarios meet the new demands of intelligence and information consumption.

  The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce that after the official launch of the Smart Consumption Festival and the Information Consumption Festival of the 2021 Beijing consumption season, more than 100 promotion activities will be carried out in five sectors, including scene release, secret exploration experience, new product promotion, product preferential purchase, and group standard identification. Consumer activity.

  At the launching ceremony, more than 100 smart new products and trendy technology products, such as iFLYTEK AI Learning Machine T10, Sound Intelligence Technology Space-Time Capsule Health Headphones, NetEase Youdao Youdao Dictionary Pen K3, Suning Biu series products, Tencent WeSpace, etc. appeared at the launch event on site.

  The Beijing Smart Consumption Festival and Beijing Information Consumption Festival will last until the end of September to accelerate the promotion of the popularization and application of new formats, new models, and new scenarios of intelligence and information consumption to meet the new demands of intelligence and information consumption.

During the period, more than 300 brand companies and more than 2,000 stores including, Xiaomi, Suning, Zhongfu, and Juranzhijia will independently distribute 1 billion yuan of smart consumer vouchers, information consumer vouchers and other preferential gift packages.

Focusing on the themes of intelligence and information consumption, more than 100 live broadcast activities to promote consumption have been carried out.

  In addition, AutoNavi Maps released the Beijing Smart and Information Consumption Map, and launched information about the location, opening hours, and special events of about 500 Beijing Smart Experience Stores and Information Consumption Experience Centers, providing convenience for consumers to visit, experience, and consume.

At the same time, through open courses, consumers are guided to understand the changes in life and work trends in the digital economy era, and provide consumers with a high-quality digital consumer service experience.

  It is reported that with the approval of the State Council, Beijing and other five cities have taken the lead in developing the cultivation and construction of international consumption centers.

Beijing will implement ten special actions to cultivate and build an international consumption center city with Beijing characteristics and global influence.