Yes, that is even very desirable.

The tax authorities then do not have to laboriously scan the documents and convert them to digital format.

Paper proofs are only to be sent to the tax office on request.

The paperwork should soon come to an end in the offices as well.

Three quarters of taxpayers (including tax advisors) already submit their tax returns digitally, the Federal Ministry of Finance said in response to a request from the FDP.

Daniel Mohr

Editor in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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"Your online tax office" is called Elster. The data must be transmitted via this state platform. Since the matter is sometimes a bit cryptic, similar to the paper forms, many service providers have taken the trouble to make digital tax returns as easy as possible and send them to the authorities via Elster. In various tests, WISO scores best as a provider.

The classic CD is still available, but the trend is towards downloading corresponding help programs that guide you through the tax return and provide tips. Usually they cost less than 40 euros. The provider Smartsteuer, whose service can be accessed directly via the Internet browser, also scored well in tests. In contrast to Elster, it is not the tax officials who think, but the users. Smartsteuer offers special interviews for retirees, students and, due to the corona, also for short-time work. Tax apps such as Steuerbot, which guide you through the forms in a handy and clear manner, have also improved in quality.

The tax return no longer has to be printed out.

Digital authentication is possible with most providers.

Incidentally, there is longer time for the declaration for 2020.

The deadline was extended from the end of July to the end of October.

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