Do you dream of another job but you hesitate to quit everything?

To help you change your professional path, journalist Carole Ferry and co-founder of the Ticket For Change organization Adèle Galey, give the floor to employees who have dared to take the plunge, from August 9 to 20 on Europe 1. In a series of specials from "La France Bouge" called "Et si on change de vie?"

, inspired by the L'Envol podcast produced by Europe 1 Studio, also discover valuable advice from experts.


With the spread of teleworking for entire sections of the economy, the pandemic has changed the daily lives of many employees. The health crisis has also given rise to existential questions for many of us. 10% of French people have decided to radically change their life. This is the figure put forward by sociologist Jean Viard from last May on Europe 1. 

But even before the start of the crisis, employees had already taken the plunge: Audrey left the National Assembly to open a cheese factory, Sabrina launched into the manufacture of recycled noodles after a burnout, Jean-Marc a left his managerial position at Yahoo to come to the aid of the homeless… Their testimonies, adapted from the podcast L'Envol produced by Europe 1 Studio and whose season 1 was a success, will be at the heart of the series of specials of "La France Bouge" baptized "What if we changed our life?". 

Every day from August 9 to 20, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Europe 1, and in preview from July 24 in the podcast "l'Envol", Carole Ferry and Adèle Galey, presenter of the podcast L'Envol and co-founder of the Ticket For Change organization, also give the floor to a coach or an expert who provides valuable advice on how to start a retraining.

How to choose a suitable training?

How to identify your strengths to change your life?

Where to find funding?

What door do you knock on to benefit from logistical help to get started?

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