, Lanzhou, July 21st (Shi Jingjing) On the 21st, the reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Market Supervision Administration that the new version of the self-employed "Miaoban" system in Gansu Province has been put into operation, which means that enterprises and people in this province do not need to make appointments, There is no need to line up, no need to submit paper materials, and realize more "no-meet" approvals at your fingertips, and apply for business licenses without leaving home.

  It is understood that the new version of the "Second Batch" system enables individual industrial and commercial households to apply online for 63 business scopes and immediately issue photos.

This "second approval" issue covers many areas closely related to people's livelihood, such as commercial registration, technology development, culture and sports, and housekeeping services.

  The launch of the new system breaks the space constraints. Self-employed individuals have zero materials and zero meetings, and they can register with just one finger.

At the same time, the approval time has been greatly accelerated. In the past, the self-employed business application was at least 1 working day, and now it can be completed in a few seconds through the "second batch" system.

  According to the Gansu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the "second batch" service of individual industrial and commercial households is a specific practice to optimize the business environment.

Next, Gansu will promote the reform of registration facilitation, and fully realize enterprise registration, official seal engraving, receipt of invoices and tax control equipment, employee insurance registration and other matters "fill in one online, receive it offline", and help the camp The business environment is more perfect.

  So far, 280,700 new market entities have been established in Gansu Province, an increase of 8.02% year-on-year, and the total number of market entities has reached 1,867,200, an increase of 9.32% year-on-year.