The pensions of long-term insured persons have risen by a third in the past ten years.

As the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) reported, citing figures from the German Pension Insurance, the average pension of those who have had at least 35 years of insurance and have just retired was 1290 euros in 2020, 34 percent higher than ten years earlier.

In the west, the increase was reportedly 29, in the east even 50 percent.

"This positive development strengthens the statutory pension as a central pillar of old-age insurance in Germany," said a spokesman for the German pension insurance to the RND.

According to the pension insurance, the most important reason for the increases are the pension increases in recent years.

More new retirees were previously employed for a long time

At the same time, the proportion of pensioners who have at least 35 years of insurance has increased.

In 2010, 65 percent of the new entrants had a corresponding number of insurance years, ten years later it was 72 percent.

According to the report, this is mainly due to the fact that more West German women than before have long periods of employment.