Chinanews client, Beijing, July 22 (Reporter Li Jinlei) People who are looking for a job can see this newly released ranking of the 100 most lacking jobs in the country.

You may be missing.

  No. 1 marketer

  On July 22, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced the ranking of the 100 “most job shortages” in the second quarter of 2021 with more recruitment than job hunting in the country.

  The top ten are marketers, restaurant waiters, security guards, cleaners, marketing professionals, merchandise salespersons, real estate agents, instrument manufacturers, housekeepers, and couriers.

  In this period, marketing professionals, commodity salespersons, and instrument and meter manufacturers entered the top ten, and customer service administrators, automobile production line operators, and packaging workers exit the top ten.

  The rate of job offer has risen further

  Compared with the first quarter of 2021, the demand for recruitment and the number of job applicants have decreased month-on-month, and the rate of applicants has further increased. The overall supply-demand relationship in the second quarter remains tight.

  Looking at the 100 occupations with the “least job shortages”, the number of recruitment needs decreased from 1.665 million in the first quarter to 1.538 million (down 7.63%); the number of job seekers decreased from 609,000 in the first quarter to 517,000 (down 15.11) %); the number of gaps dropped from 1.055 million in the first quarter to 1.021 million (down 3.22%); the overall job-seeking ratio (the ratio of the number of recruits to the number of job applicants) rose from 2.73 in the first quarter to 2.97 (up 8.79%), the overall market The relationship between supply and demand is still tight.

Data map: Workers are assembling robots.

Photo by Tian Yuhao, China News Agency reporter

  The shortage of highly skilled talents is more obvious

  Among the 30 new occupations in the ranking, nearly half are related to industries such as manufacturing, information transmission, software, and information technology service industries, and require a high degree of professional specialization.

  For example, "instrument manufacturer" entered the top ten, "intelligent manufacturing engineering and technical personnel", "tool fitter", "polysilicon manufacturing", "communication engineering and technical personnel", "automatic control engineering and technical personnel" and other new career rankings, "machine repair Occupations such as fitter, stamper, and metal heat treater show a trend of increasing shortages.

Data map: The lecturer teaches massage techniques.

Photo by Xu Mingrui

  Life services related occupations are popular

  The ranking shows that the demand for related occupations in the life service industry still maintains a strong momentum.

  In addition to the top ten "cleaners", "restaurants", and "housekeeping waiters", "beauticians", "infant development guides", and "elderly care workers" have risen in ranks, showing a trend of increasing shortages .

  It seems that with the expansion of the beautiful economy and the needs of the old and the small, related occupations are becoming more and more popular.

  Strive to ensure the overall stability of the employment situation

  Data show that from January to June, 6.98 million new jobs were created in urban areas, an increase of 1.34 million year-on-year, and 63.5% of the annual target task was completed.

  The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security pointed out that in the next step, we should highlight key points, implement classified policies, make precise efforts, and do a solid job of all tasks, and strive to ensure the overall stability of the employment situation.

One is to support stable positions.

The second is to broaden employment channels.

The third is to strengthen key assistance.

The fourth is to optimize employment services.