China News Service, July 22. According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce recently issued a notice to make arrangements for the organization and implementation of the comprehensive evaluation of digital business enterprises in 2021.

  The notice clearly stated that, in addition to the 108 digital commerce companies confirmed by the Ministry of Commerce, the provincial commerce authorities can also refer to the "Digital Commerce Enterprise Development Guidelines (Trial)" and recommend no more than 3 companies to participate in the comprehensive evaluation. Evaluation.

Comprehensive evaluation is mainly to evaluate the development of enterprises in 2020, including the main practices, achievements, and problems in digital business innovation applications or digital business services.

The comprehensive evaluation is based on the principles of openness, fairness, and impartiality, and organizes experts to implement it based on the materials submitted by the enterprise, and will rank according to the score of the enterprise based on the comprehensive evaluation results, as an important basis for dynamic adjustment.

  Since 2019, the Ministry of Commerce has guided various localities to develop the cultivation of digital business enterprises, and selected 108 digital business enterprises in two batches.

Some of these companies have pioneered and innovated in the digital transformation of physical transactions and service transactions, and some have provided digital operations, digital marketing, data analysis, digital finance, digital logistics and other professional technical services for the development of digital commerce. It has played an important role in increasing capital efficiency, promoting transformation and upgrading, and maintaining the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain.

Screenshot of the Ministry of Commerce website