After the malfunction at an internet service provider, various websites were temporarily unavailable on Thursday.

In Germany, for example, pages from RTL and “Focus” could not be accessed in the late afternoon.

FAZ.NET was also unavailable for about an hour.

Technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft as well as banks and airlines in the USA were also affected.


 emerged from data from the DownDetector fault platform.

The web service provider Akamai had previously reported problems with its Edge DNS service.

Among other things, this service ensures that websites can be accessed and protected against overload attacks, so-called DDoS attacks.

Initially, there was no information on the causes of the malfunction.

An RTL spokesman confirmed the unavailability of the

“We're looking for the cause,” he said when asked by the dpa.

A little later the website was available again.

As recently as the beginning of June, numerous websites around the world were unavailable for around an hour after a malfunction with the Fastly cloud service.

At that time, the British government, the Reddit platform and the news portals of the Guardian, the New York Times, the Financial Times and the French newspaper Le Monde were affected.