With this heat and this sun, you dream of lounging on a deckchair or of organizing aperitif evenings and barbecues outside.

Yes, but here it is: you live in the city and only have a fairly limited outdoor space.

However, with a few arrangements, you can revamp your terrace, your small courtyard or your garden in an urban patio.

The choice of furniture

To be comfortably seated on your patio, you will first have to choose the right furniture. In order not to overcrowd an already limited space, keep it to the bare minimum. A coffee table, armchairs or a bench, and that's it. There simply needs to be a sufficient number of seats for two to four people to be seated.

If the layout allows it, also invest in a sun bath to share or a garden bed for a friendly atmosphere.

Prioritize comfort above all: bet on beautiful furniture that is large enough to invite you to relax, rather than a slew of small garden chairs that will quickly become uncomfortable.

Another important point: choose a matching garden set.

Otherwise, with pieces of furniture gleaned from right to left, your patio will quickly look messy and cluttered.


So that your patio comes to life, the presence of green plants is in-dis-pen-sable!

So that these do not take up the little space available on the ground, you can opt for hanging plants, which will give an urban jungle feel.

For the choice of plants, a chlorophytum or a hanging codonanth will bring a touch of exoticism, Mexican hacienda style.

Pair them with terracotta pots painted in bright colors or with graphic patterns.

Climbing plants such as jasmine or honeysuckle will perfume your patio.

On the other hand, avoid shrubs, which are too bulky, or old-fashioned flower boxes.

The right lighting

In order to illuminate your patio on summer evenings, lighting is a crucial point.

To create an intimate atmosphere, use corner lights: they will sufficiently illuminate the space without damaging the eyes.

You can also install wall lights that match the style of furniture chosen or outdoor lanterns.

This year, rattan or cane models are all the rage and recall the hacienda trend.

A light garland will also be the most beautiful effect and give a festive and refined side by evoking a starry night.

Its purpose is however mainly decorative because it will not bring you much light.

And for the decoration?

A few accessories will suffice to give character to your patio.

For your outdoor textiles - cushion covers, deckchairs, rugs - bright colors and light tones are essential.

Fuchsia, yellow, Majorelle blue or apple green will energize your decor and give it a boost, while light colors such as ecru or ivory will enlarge the space while giving it a soothing touch.

Avoid black and dark colors, which retain too much heat, as well as white, which is too messy outside - especially with urban pollution.

Finally, to accentuate the feeling of a



, finish with a rush rug, decorative baskets and candles placed in colorful candle holders.


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