In the United Kingdom, fears are growing that

food shortages are caused

by the so-called



The country is "very concerned" and is monitoring the situation, said Economy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng, who was questioned about photos of empty shelves in supermarkets.

In the United Kingdom, hundreds of thousands of people have received a call via an official app to go into home quarantine in a week.

They are seen as contacting someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus and have therefore been 'pinged', meaning they have received a notification on their phone.

The term


is a contraction of the words 'pandemic' (pandemic) and 'pinging', sending notifications to telephones.

The business community has already complained about staff shortages due to Brexit and now says that the situation

threatens to worsen

due to the



According to

Sky News, it

is pointed out that supply chains are "starting to fail" as truck drivers and people working in the meat sector are being forced to sit at home, among others.

The supermarket chain Tesco has already reported that there is a shortage of water bottles in its supermarkets and vegetables are no longer available in some stores, writes

The Guardian


Competitor Co-op says that "a large part" of its stores are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

@dawn_s_saunders @WhatsEuroPinion My local Tesco last night.

The shelves on the right?

Those were grapes & nectarines spread across empty shelves to make it not look so bad.

The water aisle was completely empty fyi, but didn't bother taking a picture as I don't buy bottled water.


AuthorNicholasBatche5Moment of places08: 09 - 22 July 2021

Police also suffer from


Some companies are now taking matters into their own hands.

The Bidfood company has called on 'pinged' employees to come to work after all if a PCR test shows that they are not infected.

CEO Andrew Selley told the


that his employees play a vital role in the food chain.

Government services cannot escape the consequences of the

pingdemic either


According to

Sky News,

the police have

already announced that many employees are out of action in some control rooms.

As a result, it is not always possible to respond quickly to telephone calls.

Cleveland police say employees' leave is being revoked.

Government thinks about measures

British people are not legally obliged to go into home quarantine for ten days if they receive a notification via the app.

They don't even have to put it on their phone.

It is only an urgent advice.

Nevertheless, many people heed the call and as a result the government is under pressure to take measures. The government has already decided that from August 16, fully vaccinated people will no longer have to self-isolate if they come into the picture during contact research, unless they test positive themselves.