Seven of the domestic stocks that were heavily invested in the first half of this year by super-high-wealth people and corporations with financial assets of more than 3 billion won matched.

Samsung Electronics, Naver, Kakao, SK Hynix, Hyundai Motor, SK Innovation, KODEX 200, etc.

This is the result of analyzing the investment details of 3,310 individual customers (SNI) and corporations with assets that Samsung Securities entrusted to the company for investment purposes exceed KRW 3 billion.

In the first half of this year, the domestic stocks that these super-high-value individual customers invested the most were Samsung Electronics, KODEX 200, Naver, Kakao, Kia, SK Hynix, HMM, Hyundai Motor, SK Innovation, and LG Electronics.

The number of individual customers who deposited more than KRW 3 billion increased by 66% (1314 people) in a year and a half.

By amount, they were 3 billion to 5 billion won (1,459 people), 5 to 10 billion won (945 people), 10 to 100 billion won (811 people), and more than 100 billion won (95 people).

In the past year and a half, the number of people with assets between 5 and 10 billion won and 3 billion to 5 billion won increased by 74.4% (404 people) and 601 people (70.0%), respectively.

By age group, those in their 60s or older (1,863 people) accounted for the most at 56.3%, while those in their 50s (819 people) and those in their 40s (414 people) accounted for 24.7% and 12.5%, respectively.