After many years of product inspection fraud, Mitsubishi Electric has decided to conduct a questionnaire survey of all 40,000 employees in order to investigate other frauds in detail.

The policy is not to discipline even if you file a fraudulent claim, and it is being asked whether you can clarify the actual situation through a thorough investigation.

Mitsubishi Electric has been found to have been fraudulent for more than 30 years in inspections of railroad air conditioners manufactured at its factory in Nagasaki Prefecture.

In the future, an independent investigative committee consisting of three members, including an outside lawyer and an expert familiar with corporate ethics, will investigate whether there are any other frauds, etc., but among them, about 43,000 people We will conduct a questionnaire survey of all employees of.

The company encourages employees to cooperate with the policy of not taking disciplinary action even if they offer to be involved or knew about it.

In 2018, Mitsubishi Electric revealed fraudulent inspections of rubber products used in railroad vehicles, and then conducted company-wide inspections.

However, since inspection fraud has been revealed since then, it is being asked whether the actual situation can be clarified by a thorough investigation this time.

On the other hand, President Takeshi Sugiyama has indicated that he intends to resign within the month, taking responsibility for this inspection fraud, and the company plans to hurry to replace him.