The total insured damage due to flooding in Limburg is "a multiple of ten million euros".

It may take another two weeks before there is a more accurate picture of the damage at the Dutch insurers.

"First the water must subside, people must return to their homes and damage experts must have visited," said the Association of Insurers, which speaks on behalf of Dutch insurance companies.

The claims have so far mainly concerned extreme precipitation, says the insurance umbrella.

"But that could change. We also see flood damage."

According to a spokesman, floods were ultimately limited to a small area and more municipalities were affected by the extreme rainfall.

Many insurers cover the damage to homes and business premises caused by the extreme rainfall in Limburg, the Dutch Association of Insurers already reported last week. This also applies to cars that are hull or all-risk insured.

Damage due to, for example, the failure of facilities such as electricity is generally also covered by the policy conditions.

The association does not expect any problems for the insurers to pay out the money.

Also damage to vegetable and fruit farmers

The damage caused by the heavy rainfall also runs into millions of euros for Limburg vegetable and fruit farmers.

Farmer's insurance company Vereinigte Hagel says that entire crops have probably failed due to the heavy rainfall.

Almost thirty Limburg farmers with water damage have reported to the largest insurer for growers in Europe, according to director Jan Schreuder, "maybe a few more" could be added, according to director Jan Schreuder.

About 15 percent of Limburg's land for vegetable, fruit, tree and ornamental cultivation is insured against extreme weather via Vereinigte Hagel.

In the case of rain, this is when at least 50 millimeters has fallen in 24 hours or 85 millimeters within 48 hours.

According to the insurer, there is no insurance against flooding.

"Everyone says: that belongs to the government," says Schreuder.

According to the farmer's insurer, it differs per crop how harmful the heavy rainfall is.

"There are crops such as potatoes that are completely gone after 24 hours under water. Then the damage is 100 percent."

According to the director, cherries are also vulnerable because they burst after orchards are flooded.

Vereinigte Hagel reimburses the yield that the farmer would actually receive for his harvest.