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tenancy protection law will soon enter into force for one year. The government said that the renewal rate has risen and the period of residence has increased, and the tenant's housing is stable. However, I do not know how much tenants who are more concerned about the future due to the soaring jeonse price can sympathize with the self-esteem of the government.

This is reporter Hyung-woo Hyung.


One year after the enforcement of the lease law, the government said that the renewal rate of lease contracts rose from 57.2% to 77.7% when looking at 100 apartments in Seoul, and the average period of residence also increased from an average of 3.5 years to 5 years.

[Hong Nam-ki / Deputy Prime Minister of Economy: It is evaluated that the stability of the tenant's housing has been greatly improved.]

There are tenants who have benefited from such positive benefits, but it is pointed out that more jeonse buyers have had difficulties in finding a house due to the lockdown.

[Mr A/Jeonse tenant: It is due in October, but on July 9th, I received a text message from the landlord (to leave). I have to suddenly prepare to move, and it’s hard to see the properties for sale right now because of the corona.] For

this reason, the nationwide apartment jeonse price rose only 5% in the year before the law came into force, but 11% in the year after the law came into force. It has been going on for 107 weeks.

The double price phenomenon has also intensified, with the difference in deposits reaching hundreds of millions of won between the existing Jeonse house that has renewed the contract and the new Jeonse house.

[Song In-ho / Director of Economic Strategy Research, KDI: In the end, since it is a structure that has no choice but to converge to the market price after 2 or 4 years, it is necessary to find a way to harmonize the practical regulations of the Lease Protection Act within the market. )]

Not only some tenants, but also the entire consumer group, there are many voices that we need to think about measures that will lead to stable Jeonset prices and expansion of properties.