The text, which provides for the extension of the health pass and the vaccination obligation for caregivers, will begin its way to Parliament on Tuesday before a possible adoption at the end of the week.

In sectors where the device will be required, it will now be possible for an employer to dismiss an employee who refuses to present it. 

The bill on compulsory vaccination and the generalization of the health pass is debated from Tuesday in the National Assembly.

The text, validated except for a few reservations by the Council of State, defines the conditions for the application of vaccination and the health pass, particularly in companies.

What will be the consequences for employees and employers in the sectors where this health system will be requested?

Will employees have to be vaccinated?

Will employers have access to my medical data?

There are still many questions for the sectors concerned. 


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The text includes an unprecedented measure: an employer can dismiss an employee who is not able to present his health pass, proof of vaccination, recovery from Covid-19 or a negative screening test.

Initially, the employer will be able to invite the employee to a preliminary interview to discuss the means of regularizing his situation.

If the employee refuses to present his health pass, then he will be suspended for two months, without remuneration.

After this period, the employer will have the possibility of dismissing the employee.

When the employer checks the validity of the health pass, he will not have access to the information that gives the reasons for its validity.

Thus, he will not know if his employee is vaccinated or if he has simply taken a test.

CDD and volunteers concerned

The rule first concerns permanent contracts.

And for fixed-term contracts which will begin in early September, the health pass will be requested at the time of hiring.

The employer must also free up time for his employee so that he can go to be vaccinated if he wishes to do it during his working time, without loss of salary. 


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Volunteers are affected in the same way as employees. They have until the end of August to get in good standing.