Convenience store sales nationwide in June were somewhat above the same month's level last year, partly due to the capture of so-called nesting demand.

However, it has not yet recovered to the level before the spread of the new coronavirus, and the impact is continuing.

According to the announcement by the Japan Franchise Association, June sales of convenience stores nationwide totaled 856.5 billion yen at existing stores that have been open for over a year, up 0.8% from the same month last year.

Sales have increased for the fourth straight month.

At this time of last year, sales fell sharply due to self-restraint from going out, so sales increased as a reaction to that, but it was related to so-called nesting demand such as online live tickets, game billing and prepaid cards that can be used for online shopping. Sales were also strong.

However, compared to the same month before the spread of the infection, the total number of stores is now higher, but sales are lower and the impact of the new corona continues.

According to the Japan Franchise Association, "Sales continue to be difficult, especially in stores in the office district, but new demand is increasing, with some people buying alcohol and frozen foods in bulk."