China News Service, Qingdao, July 20 (Reporter Hu Yaojie) The 600-kilometer-per-hour high-speed maglev transportation system developed by CRRC and with completely independent intellectual property rights rolled off the assembly line in Qingdao on the 20th.

This is the world's first high-speed maglev transportation system designed to reach a speed of 600 kilometers per hour, marking that China has mastered the complete set of high-speed maglev technology and engineering capabilities.

  According to reports, its successful development will be significant and far-reaching for building a new engine for China's high-end equipment industry, forming a new advantage for rail transit, seizing the commanding heights of technological competition, accelerating the construction of a modern comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network, and supporting the strategy of a "powerful country in science and technology" and "powerful transportation country". Meaning.

This high-speed maglev transportation system is the first in the world.

Photo by Jiang Chao

  In order to master the key technology of high-speed maglev, with the support of the "13th Five-Year" National Key Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Advanced Rail Transit Key Special Project, organized by CRRC and led by CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd., brings together more than 30 domestic maglev and high-speed rail fields. Universities, research institutes and enterprises have jointly developed a high-speed maglev transportation system with a speed of 600 kilometers per hour.

  The project was launched in October 2016, a test prototype was developed in 2019, and it was successfully tested on the test line of Tongji University in Shanghai in June 2020. After system optimization, the final technical plan was determined and a complete set was developed in January 2021. The system has also started a six-month joint debugging and joint test.

So far, after five years of research, the high-speed maglev transportation system with a speed of 600 kilometers per hour was officially off the assembly line.

At present, the system has completed the integration and system joint debugging, and the five marshalling trains have realized stable suspension and dynamic operation of the entire train on the in-plant commissioning line, with good functional performance.

Car interior.

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  According to Ding Sansan, chief technical engineer of the high-speed maglev project and deputy chief engineer of CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd., the high-speed maglev off the assembly line is the world's first high-speed maglev transportation system with a speed of 600 kilometers per hour.

The basic principle of adopting mature and reliable normal guidance technology is to use electromagnetic attraction to make the train levitate on the track to realize non-contact operation.

It has the technical advantages of high efficiency, fast, safe and reliable, strong transportation capacity, flexible marshalling, comfortable on time, convenient maintenance, and green environmental protection. It is the fastest ground transportation tool currently achievable.

Calculated according to the actual travel time "door-to-door", it is the fastest mode of transportation within a distance of 1,500 kilometers.

  As an international cutting-edge technology, high-speed maglev is a major "commanding height" in the world's rail transit field and a strategic high ground for global transportation technology competition.

At present, many countries have followed different technical routes for long-term continuous research and development, and built or planned test and operation routes.

  "After nearly 20 years of continuous research and technology accumulation, China has basically realized the independent research and development capabilities of the entire system of high-speed maglev transportation, formed a complete set of engineering technologies, and realized independent and controllable industrial supporting capabilities. China's high-speed maglev has moved from the R&D stage Entering the high-speed test stage, it will gradually transition to the stage of demonstration operation and industrialization. The successful roll-off of the high-speed maglev transportation system with a speed of 600 kilometers per hour indicates that the conditions for advancing line testing and engineering demonstration are already available." He Huawu, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Said that by building high-speed test lines, carrying out high-speed maglev comprehensive tests and demonstration operation technology accumulation, it can lay a solid foundation for the continuous innovation and industrialization of China's high-speed maglev.

Train cab.

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  It is reported that the 600 kilometers per hour high-speed maglev fills the speed gap between aviation and wheel-rail high-speed rail, and can help form a multi-dimensional, efficient, flexible and convenient multi-dimensional transportation structure with complete, efficient, flexible and convenient speed gradients for aviation, high-speed rail, high-speed maglev, and urban traffic, enriching China's transportation The transportation speed spectrum, improve the independent innovation ability of rail transportation technology, maintain the advanced advantages in China's high-speed transportation field, promote the upgrading of high-end equipment and strategic emerging industries, and seize the commanding heights of technological competition and future development, help achieve high-level technological self-reliance, and accelerate the construction of transportation It is of great significance to become a strong country and a powerful country in science and technology.