Diesel plaintiffs who have since resold their car are also entitled to compensation from Volkswagen.

The German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe ruled on Tuesday that your damage was caused by the unknowing purchase of a vehicle with manipulated exhaust technology and that it was not eliminated by reselling it.

When calculating the amount of damages, the proceeds achieved, together with the kilometers driven, must therefore be deducted from the original purchase price.

According to VW, this affects around 1000 pending proceedings.

(Az. VI ZR 533/20 etc.)

At the same time, the highest civil judge decided that the plaintiff would not suffer if he had claimed a so-called switch bonus. In the case, the plaintiff had traded his VW to an Audi dealer and received a bonus of 6,000 euros. According to the Federal Court of Justice, those affected are allowed to keep this money; it is not offset against the compensation. The bonus has nothing to do with the value of the car, but rather a reward for changing car or brand.