The number of animal boarding houses has increased in the Netherlands over the past five years, according to figures from the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) on Tuesday.

Where the Netherlands had 918 animal boarding houses in 2016, this year there were 1,127: an increase of 23 percent.

North Brabant in particular has many hotels for pets such as cats and dogs.

The Chamber of Commerce does not give a reason for the significant increase in the number of animal shelters, but the increase may be related to the number of pets.

In recent years, more and more Dutch people have taken a pet, according to the so-called Pet Monitor of Aeres Hogeschool in Dronten.

Especially in 2020, many puppies and kittens were brought into the house, according to figures from Dibevo, the trade association of the companion animal sector, earlier this year.

The number of places to stay for pets increased mainly in the three largest Dutch provinces: North and South Holland and North Brabant.

Noord-Holland has 130 animal boarding houses this year, 47 more than in 2016. The fewest animal boarding houses can be found in Groningen with a total of 28 animals.

Here the number of dog and cat hotels actually decreased.

The summer period is the busiest time for the animal hotels, because then the owners of the animals go on holiday themselves. Due to the increase in pensions, there is enough room for everyone, says secretary Henk van Houwelingen of Dibevo. However, you do have to be on time with your booking. "There is still space, although it is starting to become scarcer. People will have to drive a little further for a place in the shelter."