The government has compiled this month's monthly economic report, leaving the judgment that the economy as a whole is "continuing to pick up, but weakening in some areas."

This is based on the fact that while there are signs of a recovery in corporate business conditions, personal consumption continues to be weak.

The government compiled this month's monthly economic report at a ministerial meeting held on the 19th.

According to the report, regarding the economy as a whole, the judgment from May was left unchanged, saying that "although the economy is still in a difficult situation, it is continuing to pick up, but some weaknesses are increasing."

Looking at each item, the Bank of Japan's Tankan announced this month that business sentiment has improved, especially in the manufacturing industry. Has been revised upward.

"Production" was "recovering" in response to strong demand for high-speed, large-capacity communication standards, 5G-related electronic components, etc., and "export" was also "continuing a gradual increase." ..

On the other hand, "personal consumption" continues to be "weak movements centered on service spending," saying that eating out is still severe while the effects of the new coronavirus are prolonged.

On top of that, he said, "It is necessary to pay close attention to the impact of infection trends on domestic and overseas economies."