The picture shows the aerial photography of the night view of Lujiazui in Pudong, Shanghai. The lights are brilliant and beautiful.

(Drone photo) Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Hengwei

(Economic Observation) To promote the quality and expansion of domestic demand, how can Pudong act as a "model leader"?

  China News Agency, Shanghai, July 17th (Reporter Li Shuzheng) "A model leader in expanding domestic demand." This is one of the latest strategic positioning of the Chinese government for the Pudong New Area in Shanghai.

  The "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Supporting the Pudong New Area's High-Level Reform and Opening up to Build a Leading Area for Socialist Modernization" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions") was announced on the 15th.

To promote the quality and expansion of domestic demand, how can Pudong act as a "model leader"?

  Shanghai has a reputation as a "century business capital", but Pudong's commercial construction started much later.

  At the beginning of the development and opening up of Pudong, "large purchases across the river" was still an inherent shopping habit of Pudong residents.

Until December 1995, Shanghai No. 1 Yaohan, named "Asia's Largest Commercial Building", opened its doors and attracted approximately 1.07 million customers, which was equivalent to the daily passenger flow of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street at that time.

To this day, participating in the traditional New Year's Eve marketing of No. 1 Yaohan is still a way for many people to welcome the New Year.

  Today, Pudong has built more than 50 large and medium-sized commercial complexes, making it the city with the highest concentration of international retailers in Shanghai.

Official data show that the total retail sales of consumer goods in Pudong has grown from more than 10 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) in 1995 to over 300 billion yuan in 2020.

  However, in the eyes of scholars, Pudong is far more than just "selling things" to serve as a "model leader in expanding domestic demand."

  Under the background that China wants to build a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other, Shanghai proposes to become the central node of the domestic big cycle and a strategic link between the international and domestic double cycles.

"Pudong is at the junction of the'double cycle' and serves as a bridgehead." Fudan University professor Jiang Qingyun said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency. "To build an international consumer center", Pudong should use its own advantages to support Shanghai and radiate the whole country. .

  The Shanghai Free Trade Zone can support Pudong’s opening to the outside world and integrate into the international cycle.

"International consumer goods brands can use the policies of the free trade zone to lay out the market, deploy logistics, and connect with customs, so as to enter the Chinese market more smoothly." Jiang Qingyun said.

  At the same time, as the vanguard and pioneer of China’s reform and opening up, “business elements such as talents, brands, and intermediary services also have a considerable concentration in Pudong.” Jiang Qingyun believes that in the future, Pudong’s role in leading the Chinese commercial market cannot be ignored. .

  In Jiang Qingyun's view, Pudong, which includes Lujiazui, Zhangjiang, and Disney International Tourism Resort, is expected to drive the expansion of the domestic consumer market in areas such as international brand display, health consumption, and cultural tourism and vacation consumption.

In addition, the Jinqiao and Lingang areas, which focus on high-end manufacturing and high-tech industrial product R&D and manufacturing, will also strongly support the demand for industrial consumer goods.

  With an open and inclusive institutional environment, coupled with a mature consumer market, many new business models and new formats are booming in Pudong.

  Including "cross-border shopping", online fresh food platforms, etc., a batch of new retail formats in the field of "online new economy" are incubated and grown from Pudong and replicated across the country; imported goods direct sales center, bonded display and sales, and parallel car trading center New business models based on the advantages of the free trade zone system, such as the National Pavilion of Imported Commodities, have also landed in Pudong.

  A good business environment has attracted many enterprises from home and abroad.

The data shows that the concentration of Pudong international well-known high-end brands exceeds 90%.

An increasingly sophisticated business atmosphere has brought together the first show, first show and first store in Pudong.

In the past three years, Pudong has introduced more than 300 first stores.

  "This time, the Central Committee’s "Opinions" proposed for the first time to build an international consumption center. The Party Central Committee and the State Council have given Shanghai Pudong another strategic mission." Xin Yaqin, director of the Shanghai Pudong New Area Commerce Committee, said in an interview that day that Pudong must seize this important opportunity Leading the upgrading of consumer quality, focusing on introducing new high-energy business entities, creating a new platform for China Unicom's domestic and international trade, developing new domestic and international consumer brands, building a new landmark business circle with world influence, and creating the best business and New environment for consumption.