Seoul apartment prices and jeonse prices are on the rise. As a measure to stabilize house prices, the government will create a third new city and supply 62,000 households by next year. Among them, pre-orders for 4,300 households in 5 locations including Gyeyang, Incheon will start on the 28th as the first volume. The estimated sale price is 60-80% of the market price, but there are complaints that it is too expensive.

This is reporter Im Tae-woo.

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is the Incheon Gyeyang District, the 3rd new city in which 1,050 apartments will be built.

Prior to the start of the pre-order, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport estimated the sale price of 59 square meters for an exclusive area of ​​356 million won.

Although it was advertised as being cheaper by 60 to 80% of the market price, private condominiums with the same area just a few hundred meters away were also traded for 350 million to 420 million won this month.

The estimated price is not much different from the market price.

Another apartment adjacent to Jinjeop District 2 in Namyangju was sold for 450 million won with an exclusive area of ​​84 square meters last month, but the estimated sale price of a public apartment of the same area is rather more expensive.

[Accredited realtor: (Pre-order) is 20 million won per pyeong, 360 million won per pyeong based on 18 pyeong, then it is better to buy 30 pyeong nearby and just move in... .]

Consumers complain that even if it is about 60~80% of the market price, it is not cheap considering the recent price increase.

[Jung Mo seed / pre-offer the consumer: not even burn a good car, and there is not before the property is and beyond the 300 million, if that sale price is low as 700 million in the Dun creating doegeodeunyo not only talking supposed to live there -

Land unit development time and It is the position that the location requirements should be considered comprehensively, and it cannot be viewed as a high sale price based only on specific sales cases.

The problem is that the final sale price, which is confirmed at the time of this subscription, may rise more than 1-2 years later.

[Kim Hyo-sun / Senior Real Estate Commissioner of NH Nonghyup Bank: There is a problem that the construction cost rises as the project is delayed (due to land compensation, etc.), so there may be a lot of room for the sale price to rise at the time of this subscription.] The

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport raises the final sale price Although there is a possibility, he said that he would minimize fluctuations to the level of inflation.

(Video coverage: Kim Seong-il, Kim Hak-mo, video editing: Kim Ho-jin, VJ: Park Hyeon-woo)